Changing AE activity

Hi, dont think I have found the answer to this so far and hope someone can help me.

I want to change my activity as AE. Can I just stop one thing and start another online? I have tried modifying it online but I think the pricipal activity has to stay the same if i do that. I want to go from creation artistique - liberal to becoming a commercant selling at the local markets.

ok, some are getting as far as filling in the online form as my OH did in january or february 2011 to which not a dicky bird as they say, despite following through. if anybody does score jackpot please remember to put it up on here

That sounds like what I did. Fingers crossed the right person get the docs and actually does something with them!

I filled it in on line and got a print out certificate of modified activity which I have sent to Urssaf with copy of drivers licence - will post the result if there is one.

yeah, I think that's how I did it. To tell the truth, I didn't really think about the in's and out's, so if there seems to be a straightforward way, that's what I would have done. To tell the truth, I don't think the whole AE system is really very ....efficient? up to date? streamlined? so as long as you do your part, in terms of letting them know (and don't forget to keep a record/ print out etc) about changes to statut etc then you can't be in the wrong. that's my philosophy anyway!

my wife did changes on the declaration de modification d'activite form, last summer with no response, and again a bit before christmas in case. thus far nothing has happened and nobody contacted her

Stacy thanks for that - did you change under the 'declaration de modification d'activite' on the auto-entrepreneur site?

I sent them an email asking if I can and how to but not had a reply.

I managed to change from profession liberal to commercial. I did it online and I think I had to send in a signed confirmation or something. I received a new attestation from INSEE, with i slightly different SIREN, but that is the only change actually carried out. The paperwork concerning CIPAV etc is supposed to follow in its own good time, but it's been more than year and nothing else has evolved.

sure, her' change is from social researcher to agent commercial which is 'day and night', 'chalk and cheese' or whatever, more than a year and no move on that despite complete difference. crack that mystery and I am sure it would be well received here!

my new activity would be completely different, not related at all

I'd be interested to find the answer too

My wife has been trying for over a year, been to see the people who would make the change, phone calls in dozens... Closest she got to it was that if THEY consider activities close enough to each other then they usually do not do it - many things appear to be lumped together under 'liberal professions' it seems.