Changing from gîte to long term rental

I have a little house on my property which is currently let as a gîte during summer. A friend who is separating from her husband to rent it long term. How is this best done? What needs to be done to be legal etc?

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To safeguard the Tenant and the Owner… things should be properly organised… in writing.

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Just been reading that the Owner must have the building in blah blah blah condition etc etc… seems a lot of possible expense to take on.

Why not just a 6 month furnished rental, while the friend finds somewhere permanent.

I think Gites etc are limited to 3 months maximum rental.

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I fully intend to have all done properly! My friend is disabled and will have the rent paid through benefits. I need to have all the rights hoops jumped through to enable this. I am already LMNP for declaring revenues but wondered what or if this needs to change to.
It wouldn’t be as a gîte, I’m aware of the ins and outs of that.
I guess I need to know what charges I would have to pay and do I need to change the statute of LMNP and if so how?
Is there an equivalent of the six month short assured rental like in Scotland?

You certainly will have to have the property and all the right hoops in the correct order… before you even jump through them… :wink: if the rent is paid through benefits.

My own experiences with a similar situation was not a happy one. At one point, it seemed we would have to rip out the glorious old staircase which suddenly “did not conform” and rewire the whole property, too… and all sorts of other quibbles…
All this was after the Tenant had successfully fooled me into letting 'em stay long enough to be firmly entrenched… not a word of discord/complaint until they’d got their feet firmly under the table :wink: :roll_eyes:


If she gets benefits from the CAF, it will be same as the bourse etc that my kids had when they were students and got part of their flat rental paid but the landlord has to declare it legally and provide proof on paper of the rental agreement as they receive the payment direct and not the person renting the property. Obviously the CAF will inform URSSAF and the Impôts regarding your tax situation as well. You can’t dodge anything here and the renter should also provide personal insurance for damage etc.

We have a gîte and an annual rental under the LMNP heading with same siret. If you are not in a zone tendu you probably don’t have to do anything much administratively, but you should get diagnostics done.

Edit…yes you should

Thanks Jane, we are not in a zone tendue. Do you know what sort of diagnostiques and who I would ask ?
I have LMNP with siret, so do I just declare this rental in the same way as the gîte rentals in annual impôts declaration?

As long as not over €23k you can.

Did the link not give which diagnostics needed?

Many thanks Jane, that’s what I was looking for. Yes the link is fine, I think there was a delay in the page refreshing.

I checked into an Air BnB in Nov 2020. I told the owner that I had arrived in FR to settle and would be looking for a place to buy.

At this point, Covid lock-down peaked. All his forward bookings, inc Christmas and New Year, cancelled. He saw that his prospects to rent for many months to come boiled down to just me, so before I asked, he suggested I take it on as a tenant.

He went off to his lawyer and in short order a full-on 12 month tenancy contract was drawn up and - miracolo! - I had a base for a year.

There were no changes to the property itself. There were no visits from inspectors or suchlike. The place was a fairly recent conversion of a small outbuilding - one up/one down - allbeit with a precipitously steep staircase.

Thanks for that, it seems it is indeed simple enough to do.