Changing from Micro Entreprise to Auto Entrepeneur

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to change from being a micro entreprise, to autoentrepeneur status? I know that when the AE was first introduced, there was a time limit for anyone who wished to change their status, but what happened when the time limit ran out? Has anyone done this, and are there any drawbacks to doing it? Any advice much appreciated.

I changed from the régime général to the RSI and continued using my old carte vitale for the 18 months until I got the new one BUT I DIDN’T TELL THE régime général that I’d changed … you have to play the system! If I had I’m sure they’d have cancelled my carte vitale straight away and I’d have been left in limbo

even setting up normally takes flipping ages! well alright you’re an AE as soon as you’ve filled in the internet stuff and you get your insee acknowledgement with siret etc… but 18 months for a new carte vitale (régime général continued paying anyway so no great hassle!) I’ve heard it can be done too. a friend closed everything under her micro entreprise, waited a while then set up as an AE.

bonne chance !

Yes you can - I haven’t found any drawbacks other than it took flipping ages!