Changing from Passport Talent Jeune Entreprise Innovante to a regular work permit in case the company doesn't sponsor the work permit

Good evening all,

I’ve a carte séjour pluriannuelle of the type passport talent jeune entreprise innovante (JEI) that allows me to work for “young innovative” companies OR, companies that’re known to be “innovante” by the economy ministry, and that’s valid until December 2021. Link: Basically, JEI’s are a type of startups that was established not more than 8 years ago.

Now recently since my being fired, I’ve been looking for a new job, and interviewed for a (bigger) company that’s not a JEI, and I hear that they don’t sponsor work permits. So my question is: how do I deal with this situation, to obtain a new work permit? Of course, if the above company is known to be “innovante” by the economy ministry, then there’s no problem, as with my current work permit, I can work for an “innovante” company.

Just to supply some additional information: I’m in France continuously from November 2016 until now, and before that I’ve been in France from October 2013 - January 2016. While in the previous stay, I worked continuously until October 2015, I haven’t worked for part of the present stay as I’ve been fired couple of times. Now, is it true that, in November 2019, I’ll be automatically able to apply for a carte de long séjour valid for 10 years, as I’ve been here continuously for 3 years (links:,, hence the need for a new work permit unnecessary?

P.S. I know that it’s perhaps too premature to ask the above questions as I’m still looking for a job, but it’s perhaps good to know my options in advance. Thank you so much for your answer(s)!

Hello Susovan

I must say - your enquiries are always rather complicated.

We’ve certainly done our best to help you, but I suspect that there are not many of us who find themselves in situation similar to yours.

I suggest you gather your “proof” and make an Official Application for a CdS of whatever sort you fancy - and see what the Authorities say.

We can discuss things, back and forth but, in the end it will be the Authorities who will make the decision.

There is plenty of info on the French Gov website, so checkout what the French Gov wants and see if you can fit the bill.


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Hello Stella,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I’m fully aware that my enquiries are complicated, and my situation is different from many others. Of course, I’m not asking anyone to take their time to go through information just for me, and reply, I’m merely checking to see if there’s someone who found themselves in a somewhat similar situation as mine and hence may give me a quick answer.

Having said that, I’m grateful for this community, and do sincerely appreciate the answers given to me. But please don’t trouble yourself to answer :slight_smile: