Changing from RSI

Can anyone advise me on where to apply to now I am retired and no longer need RSI.
Thank you

Could you clarify “no longer need RSI”? Retired or not, presumably you still need a caisse.
Are you saying you now have an S1 and want to move from RSI to CPAM? If that’s the case, I guess you would take your S1 to CPAM and hopefully they will take it from there.

We have now retired, we do not have an S1 card because we did not live in the U.K. we were in the Isle of Man for 17 years before we moved here.

In that case I don’t at all understand why you don’t want/need RSI to keep looking after you in your retirement, you will still need healthcare won’t you? Normally when you retire you remain à la charge of the caisse you paid into when were working, Presumably you’ve told RSI you’ve retired, what did they say? Will you be getting any pension from RSI?
Which caisse do you want to change to?
Sorry, I think I’ must be missing the point, but I’m still confused by your question.

Sorry Anna we did not think we could stay in the RSI when retired thought we would have to change to another caisse. We will not be getting a pension from RSI.

If your “droits” with RSI are going to end you then I’m sure they will give you advance notice of the date and tell you what your options are. Obviously it depends on the circumstances but unless you have a different route to healthcare then normally they continue to cover you. But they’re the ones who have all the details of your account and your history and they will be look up your records and tell you exactly what will happen, so I think you need to clarify it with them.
Happy retiirement :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the information it was very kind of you Anna. x

I’d be very careful before doing anything at the moment. RSI will disappear after 31/12/2017 & everyone paying into them will be transferred elsewhere - not quite sure where yet.

We were discussing that but thought it would be necessary to do something because both of us are now retired.

I think all you need to do for the moment is inform RSI that you’re retired, if you haven’t already done this.
The wheels will then be set in motion and if you need to do anything else, you’ll be notified.

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O.K. we will do that, thanks.

Apparently RSI is terminating.What will come in it s place amd how will it all happen?

Apparently it is though not 100% definite yet. I received a petition to save the RSI the other day - funnily enough I didn’t sign it!
It is supposed to happen as of 1.1.18 and the plan seems to be to migrate everyone to CPAM, There have been promises that it won’t disadvantage micro entrepreneurs. There is also scepticism over whether Macron will able to be put all the arrangements in place by 1.1.18. Remains to be seen.

A good site to keep up to date on all things micro entrepreneur - changes to the scheme etc - is

and the current situation regarding RSI is reported at