Changing from Wise to Revolut (possibly)

I’m losing my patience with Wise and their “verification process”, which I’ve attempted to go through unsuccessfully for 2 days. This is so frustrating. I’ll call their helpline when I have time and depending on their response I’ll be changing to Revolut.

I just would like to check please - I want to use Revolut exactly as I do Wise - just to move money from my bank account in the UK to my bank account here in France doing no more than give them my debit card info. And I want that money to be in my French account in seconds.

I have several other people to whom I set money from time to time. Again usually £ > € but sometimes € > €,

I don’t want any fancy bells and whistles like a card, bank account, etc.

Will Revolut give me what Wise does for me at the moment?

As you are already using Wise what is the issue having to re verify?

I’ve used Revolut to move sterling to my CA account once, but I don’t think it was a seamless transaction. These days I exchange into my euro Revolut account and use it directly from there.

I never have any trouble with verification either (£ from UK account to Wise; conversion to € in Wise; € to French account) - indeed, I don’t know what you’re referring to. That’s no help, I know! but there must be a reason for the difficulties you’re experiencing. I’d encourage you to persevere in getting a resolution from Wise - they ought to be able to explain what the problem is, and how you resolve it - though there’s no harm in having a second account! (Though Revolut CS doesn’t have a great reputation.)

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Revolut does offer the features you would like.

You would have two currency accounts, one sterling and one euro.

You would send money to the sterling account from your bank account using the sort code account number of you Revolut account.

You would then exchange the money into your euro account.

You then send a payment from you Revolut euro account to your French bank account RIB.

It was my intention initially to just use Revolut for currency exchange but I now find I use it for other feature also as it seems to work very well.

This is what Wise is showing me on my account page

and this is the body of the email they sent me …

Hello Susan
We’re getting back in touch because we need a bit more info to keep your account working.
Because of the way we’re regulated in the EU, we’re required by law to collect this additional information from you. Unfortunately there’s still a bit more we need to complete the process.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The button below will take you directly to Wise to provide us with the documents requested
  2. Provide the information we need — we may ask for your photo ID, proof of address and some other personal details
  3. No drivers licences are accepted - the best photo ID will be your passport
  4. Make sure your proof of address document is no older than 3 months -
  5. That’s it — as soon as we verify your information you’re all set

If we don’t hear back from you before 18 September 2023 your account will be suspended and you won’t be able to send, spend or receive money with Wise.

After that, you’ll still be able to give us this info to verify. When we’ve done that, your account and card will start working again

How can I tell this email is from Wise?

So you know this isn’t a phishing email, you’ll also find this link in the Inbox in your Wise account. You can use the link from this email or the inbox message.

We’re really sorry about this. With your help, we can keep your Wise account working normally. Thanks,
The Wise Team

Ah yes, had the same recently Sue, as I opened a new account. I found the website took you round in circles, it did not function as it should and I reported this to Wise whilst on the phone, you are having the exact same scenario. On the phone they cleared me quickly and easily but I have to take a selfie holding my passort open on the picture page, that then took less than 20 mins to sort and get me online.
Clearly they havent fixed the issue.


Thanks Corona. Very useful to know. I’m not sure why they are asking for this - I’ve had the account years, I did the photo via mobile phone thing ages ago. I can only assume that they now want verification of my address. Not well done at all. I’m back home and have got an hour before their helpline closes - let’s see if I can get through. I will report back.

Talking of helplines, I was so impressed with Canada Life, with whom I have a pension. They are happy to do an “are you still alive?” check via phone - so no need to bother the mayor’s office yet again. More than that, their helpline, very sensibly, lets you know how many people are in front of you. So when they told me 33 in the queue I put the phone down. Next time, it was 14 and I thought it worth hanging on - it was. That number 14 dropped fairly rapidly. Why on earth don’t ALL helplines use this system?

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Brittany ferries do, I was number 3 for about an hour once (and I got charged​:rage::rage:)

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You know a network a company uses, can arrange to share some of the money you paid to call them, with that company, right? :frowning: revenue is shared across transmitting networks and a portion of that can end up shared with the company receiving your call.

Just to report that I have had exactly the same problem as @SuePJ over the past several weeks, after having had the account for many many years. I have so far submitted 3 (or is it 4?) supposedly OK photos that were subsequently rejected and I am now getting very close to the deadline at which they will close my account so I am very unhappy as Wise worked extremely well for me.

When Revolut was being praised highly on this site, I had a look at it and concluded it wouldn’t work for me - not at all sure why as my memory is failing - could it be because it requires a smartphone in order to work? I’m reluctant to move because I have a lot set up in Wise…

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I suspect many of us may encounter the problem - I’m a bit surprised I haven’t, so far - and I’m keeping an eye on this thread and the Adventures of Sue’s Pyjamas (I presume that’s what @SuePJ refers to :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ).


I’m fairly sure your time will come soon, @Porridge I don’t know what the basis is for their selection of people - perhaps length of time we’ve had the account? Who knows…

Anyway after about 10 goes at taking the passport pic and 20 at doing the selfie (where it randomly seemed to have 3 different ways of framing the face), I have been allowed to submit the pics. However, I have been here several times before and am eagerly :roll_eyes: awaiting the rejection email.


AHA!! That didn’t take long - rejected again. It seems to be “lets hang around on the phone” time…

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Reporting back again -

Rang the English-speaking helpline - got a message to hold if I wanted to speak English. Then got a message in French saying no-one was available.
Gave up and tried again - same thing happened but I carried on holding and eventually someone answered.
I explained the problem - they went off to look at the logs, came back and said my webcam was too low quality. (I had tried it with 2 different ones on 4 occasions)
After a few to-and-fro bits of conversation in which I kept trying to ask what I was expected to do about that,he eventually said he’d refer it to the specialist team and they would get back to me by email in a couple of days if there was any other way round it.

Just at the moment, it isn’t looking promising…

I try doing it via my PC webcam to be told my camera was not supported by their whatever… :roll_eyes:

I too then spoke to the helpline and he said it was probably a bug in my App on my phone and he would send me an email to explain what to do.

This is what came through late yesterday:

Hello Susan,
Thanks for calling us,
Here are some things that should help:
• Use a different internet browser
• Try another computer or different device
• Use the incognito or private mode in your internet browser
• If you don’t have another device, or you can’t switch browsers, try clearing your cookies and cache
If you’re on the app, try one of these options:
• Log out and log back in
• Update your app
• Try uninstalling and then reinstall your app
And if those options don’t work, send over a console screenshot — we’ll take it from there and get back to you.
Kind regards,

At the moment I have a life to get on with, so this will have to wait. I’m told by the young man (I assume he was) on the helpline that I can continue to try past the deadline and my account will be reinstated.

I feel a letter to the chief executive coming on!!! Apart from anything else I am rapidly losing the desire to continue with Wise, however useful it has been in the past.

Me too but I can’t find an alternative. Just checked Revolut and it requires an app on a phone so definitely not for me.

I couldn’t get Firefox to work with the verification system but Chrome did. However, no matter which webcam I used it took upwards of a dozen tries each to get a passport pic and a selfie pic that the system would accept and then each time I got a subsequent email rejecting my submission.

The young man I spoke to said there was no deadline so there was no rush but each time I log in it says the deadline is next week.

I haven’t time for this now for at least 2 weeks… I think I’ll have to let Wise die and use my partner’s account for transfers (until the same thing happens to him of course)

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I had similar and the lady I spoke to sent me a link, she was very patient and I sent the photo via the phone directly to her via the email link. First one failed as I had cut a bit off my passport but second was ok as I had framed it better getting my full face and passport in shot.

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What I was told was that I had done everything exactly right but that the camera wasn’t high enough resolution (or words to that effect)

I’ve now made 3 submissions so far today when the system said the photos were ok but an email came saying they weren’t. Waiting for the rejection of the 3rd one.

The reason I’m doing this is because by the time the “specialist team” gets round to looking at my account, if there’s 10 or so pairs of pics for them to look through, they might decode one was adequate…


Computer says, “No”, then!