Changing IP address from France to England

Hi Everybody!
I came on here for some trusted advice!
I have a house in England (me being English as well) but currently live in France, going between the both to be honest. For the television I have a TV licence for England and I spoke to the man on the phone, he said I could watch BBC i player, channel 4, ITV etc in a different country if I had a TV licence in England. I have tried watching bbc i player, channel 4 and ITV etc in France but it doesnt work. Does that mean I need to change my IP address?
I came to France a few years ago to live but I had Expat shield so I could watch those channels in England, but now it doesn’t work or its not operational anymore.
My question being, do I need to change my IP address if so how? or can I get an app like expact shield to watch shows in England from France?
P.S. I don’t have a laptop only my samsung phone and an unreliable Ipad. Lol


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You can get a different IP Address, Google: Hotspot Shield.

You can’t actually change IP yourself as this is determined by your internet service provider (ISP), however if you browse with google chrome or torch, you can add an extension called ‘Hola’ which hides your IP and allows you to select a country in the case of BBC iplayer, you would obviously select UK. I use this extension all the time as I sometimes watch American shows etc. Hola is a free extension which, unlike apps like expat shield, will not make any alterations to your operating system.


Hola can expose you to viruses, better to download Windscribe for a IP address. Up to 10 GB per month costs nothing. Alternatively, download KODI onto your PC and you can watch virtually anything for free.

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I’ve used Hola for several years and never had a virus.I will have a look at windscribe though but not for desktop.

This should explain the problem with Hola and also applies to other free VPN services.

Suppose it depends how much TV you want to watch.

Without a laptop (or other computer) you are limited in your options.

For instance there is a programme called “Get iPlayer Automator” which will download programmes from iPlayer and the ITV equivalent without the time restriction on watching them.

We used to watch TV on a UK IP address via our satellite broadband. Much faster than available here on landline. But 10GB a month is only a couple of movies. So very expensive TV

For little expense you can get yourself a satellite dish. Further south you are the bigger it will need to be, but we’re near Angouleme and use one only slightly bigger that the one we have in the UK. Point it in the right direction and you’ll get UK Freesat programmes. Plenty of cheap Freesat boxes on e-bay. Some will record programmes too, If you bring your UK Sky Box across that will work here as well.

French TV is entertaining too. But we receive that via terrestrial TV aerial.


Hola can be O.K. The trouble is that, quite often it isn’t and it’s sloooooooowww! If you really want to hide you IP address, it’s worth paying a little bit to get a good service. It’ll still be far cheaper than a British television licence.

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Hola is slow and crashes! There are many, many alternatives. just google “Hide my IP” I find that Hotspot Shield is good, especially the paid version. However, do not please go by what I like. Do some research and you will find something that suits you. Also, find out whether your choice is selling your information to unknown buyers - yes, it happens a lot. The paid ones, almost always, offer a free trial period, so you can work out whether or not it suits you. Also to be remembered is that the speed will depend upon a lot of things, including your broadband connection. Don’t even try it without a broadband connection, unless you are an incredibly patient person. As for dial up, does it still exist?

This article may explain what is going on.

It would make sense for the BBC to become a subscription service, based on the purchase of the licence, but we aren’t there yet.


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I don’t agree that you are entitled to watch abroad if you have a UK TV licence. BBC iPlayer has started asking whether you have a UK licence if you use iplayer in the UK, but it will still be blocked if you have a UK licence and French IP because some programmes are not licensed for the BBC to broadcast them beyond the UK (nothing to do with our TV licences). There is a variety of VPN apps available to change your IP address, some of which get past all TV catch up sites while others work with some but not all. You will need to experiment.

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I use U.K. proxy tv. For a cheap reliable way to access. It costs $4 a month but has no delay. The website will show you how to set up your iPad. It works even on my iPad 1


Hi there,
Don’t know if you are sorted yet, but we had the same problem so we registered for Surfeasy only minimal amount a year too. Hope this helps, we get catch up on all our ipads, laptops etc. For the TV we have a dish and we get all regular channels on there.

You can receive the lot in Spain (S.W.) with a 1.2 Metre Dish and cheap Sat Box therefore it should work well up there in La France. Alternatively Filmon is pretty good for all free UK Channels and if you pay a small monthly fee you can record up to 11 hours of programs at any one time.

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We bought a Freesat box and set it up to my old post code in the U.K. The satellite dish was adjusted by a local professional and we get all U.K. stations without issue

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well the BBC aren’t going to tell the truth and lose your telly tax money is it? It can’t be watched abroad. I personally wouldn’t bother with a licence at all. If you don’t watch BBC, you don’t need one. In fact I don’t even own a set. It makes no sense to spend £100’s buying one, then only being able to watch what some organisation has decided I should watch, quite apart from the propaganda and brainwashing which the BBC does.
If you feel you want to watch stuff, get a laptop, watch everyone on the laptop from the various websites that allow you to watch for free.

Thanks everyone for replying, your all like Superman, saving me from boredom. Lol.

Lee, I downloaded Hula on my phone, it said I needed to download a fake GPS location for Hula to actually work. Once I downloaded both of them, it worked!! But only so far. :frowning: I can only use Channel 4, as Ivery tried to use BBC i player and itv, it just doesn’t seem to like it. bbc and ITV still block me like they used to do. :frowning: I don’t know it does that, even when I use the fake location app. I guess just using chanel 4 is better than nothing, it means that I can watch hours of building programmes, which is amazing! But not going to lie, sad that I can’t watch bbc and ITV. I was thinking us ITV used by the BBC or the BBC owns itv and that that’s why it doesn’t work?

Anyway, I’ll have a look into Hotspot Sheld Marc.