Changing ISPs

Am currently considering moving from Free as our ISP to Orange as we can save some money by dropping the FT fixed line and Wanadoo dial-up account that we have kept just for the email addresses. Has anyone else made the same switch ? How painful was it ? How long were you without an internet connection ?

We haven't had that many problems with Free but those we had recently meant FT getting involved to check the line which added a delay.


PS Am not really being tempted by their offer of a Galaxy Tab for 99€, honest.

Have now switched. Not exactly painless but am now back on line.

Placed order 3PM Weds and was told 3-5 days, worst case 1 week. 8PM I lost the Free connection w/o warning. Livebox arrived Fri PM and line went live this morning (Monday).

The other good news is that the Samsung "Ipad" equiv (when it comes) should be free as there was an additional 100€ rebate when I rang Orange.

Because of an error by Orange I was without internet TV and phone for a month. I was lied to continually and was billed for the service that I did not have. I have difficulty recommending Orange for anything.

Hi Steve,

Have a look at DSL Valley's resiliation page which includes cancellation requirements for various providers and proforma letters. The only time I changed in France was from Tiscali to Nordnet; there was no interruption of service but there was an overlap period when I was being charged by both FAIs.