Changing job on a Titre de Sejour


I started a new job here in Paris 7 months ago, and am sponsored on a titre de séjour.

I’ve since had a change of leadership at my company, and it was always intense (hence hiring me from abroad) but its gone from intense to absurd. I want to evaluate my options for finding an alternative role.

I’m lucky enough to have enough niche skills to hopefully find a new job quite comfortably (I hope!) but my Blue Card Talent passport (& Titre de Sejour) are both tied to the job that is currently giving me constant headaches…

How hard is it for me to keep my current Titre de Sejour / Blue card?

Thanks in advance,

As I understand it with a carte bleu/passport talent as long as new job meets the same criteria of salary/education etc then you can stay with that same status and your card remains valid until expiry. If it doesn’t then you would have to change status and apply for work authorisation under that status. What I don’t know is if/how you inform the powers that be of this change.

(It is if you have a visa salarié that is reliant on the employer having sought work authorisation for you, so the visa/titre de séjour go with the job)