Changing ME activity and declaring cheque-emploi

So I’m pretty excited as only a few weeks in and I already have 10 students for my new English teaching business. Some have chosen to pay by Cheque emploi (thanks @cat for the heads up on offering this - they pay less and I earn more!).

My first question is, how / when do I declare these payments? Am I right thinking they are totally separate to my ME and that really I only need to report them at the end of the year for tax?

What about with the pole emploi? I don’t remember seeing a question about these earnings.

My other question is about changing my activity, I thought I had it all sorted, went online, changed the code, added the OH as well and had a rejection letter from Ursaff. I’ll go and find the letter actually and copy it over. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues changing from artisan to liberal (or other) with doing the change online? I’m now thinking easier to close and open a new ME as that can all be done on line quite easily!

Well done! You don’t need to do / declare cheque emploi, it will automatically appear on your tax return. And another plus is that it helps with pension rights!

Changing category is a bloody nightmare. We tried to do James’s about a year ago and despite my colleague at the CCI processing it, it all went wrong and had to be redone. My advice is go to your local CCI and enlist their help. Good luck!

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Thanks Cat, I’m not even sure where that is! Until now I’ve only dealt with the chambre de metiers so I need to do some digging to work out what I need to do!

I gave up and just cancelled my old one. It just seemed too complex as I’m also adding dh as a co-collaberatuer and I dont’ really want to go out now if I don’t have to! I’m just about to try to set up the new one on ursaff’s site!

Sorry another question, what about for CAF / Pole emploi how do I tell them what CESU earnings I’ve had??? Gosh it is confusing here sometimes!

OMG so after over a month of trying to sort this out I have (I think :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) closed my old business and opened my new one - with hubby included! That is hard work - my head feels like it is going to fall off!

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