Changing the clocks 2020

We did forget one year… :rofl: :rofl: :thinking: :thinking: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Is this the last time?

Nope… don’t reckon so… covid chaos has meant that decisions have not been finalised/whatever…

Who needs another hour of 2020?


Nice thought! My equally ancient mate in Oz and I, have a bugger of a time coordinating our Skype times! They went forward an hour a couple of weeks ago, and we just about got that sorted out, when here we go again!

I seem to recall in the distant past that this had something to do with farmers?

And Scottish schoolchildren. Why on earth they can’t just alter the starting and finishing times I don’t know. The excuse is that they are losing daylight. No they aren’t, There is no way you can do that.

My bugbear is the 2 cars, both have different but equally forgettable and complicated methods of adjusting, some times it is easier to remember in the Berlingo just to knock off or add on an hour mentally.

@Stella, I forgot one year and wondered why all the shops were shut in the village. :astonished:

love it… :slight_smile:

Dad was away… he’d left the clock in my charge.
Mum moved the clock… unbeknownst to me…
I moved the clock…

result… the next day… chaos… :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

One year, in the days long before smart phones that set their clock from the mother ship, we turned our clocks forward instead of back. At our 7:30am we walked happily to our local shop for the Sunday papers and found it closed. Much puzzlement. Returning home, we had breakfast at 8am. It was around 10am that I turned on the radio and discovered the 8am news. We were two hours ahead of everyone else and enjoyed a really, really long Sunday morning!


Shouldn’t be - that is supposed to be March or October next year depending on whether the individual EU nation wishes to remain on Summer or Winter time.

I remember being dropped for Sunday school and we were shocked as there wasno one there, another family had done the same and when they showed up it took a few minutes to work out what had happened! Back home to go back a hour later! Auto change on phones are good but then at least once it took me a while to twig that they had changed, usually when confronted with the car or kitchen clock!

BFM or LCI, can’t remember which, said it’s now likely to be 2022 as Portugal and Greece want to keep changing and the other countries can’t decide which hour to keep, summer or winter time…!

Any of you who have worked shifts will probably have had a colleague who had problems with the change when working early shift. Usually, it would be someone turning up at 5 for a 6 o’clock start.


When I worked nights, that was the best time of the year :smiley:

Complete waste of time, no pun intended.

Oh yeah? Turning all the 20+ Nursing Home clocks back an hour at 0300 in the morning? Great fun. :weary::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

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During my time In IT with British Telecom, we would have to halt the main systems, wait an hour and a minute before restarting them. (for the techies it was the CICS/IDMS systems running CSS)

Morning All

Main problem is my 2 labs cannot tell the time, so were up at 5:30 demanding their breakfast.

Long day ahead !



I always seemed to be on call when th clocks went back (one hour longer shift) and not when the clock went forward (one hour shorter weekend off)

Airedale the same wanting her walk! And as for waiting until 6pm this evening for supper - no chance!

Makes no difference to my foster, Jules, in common with all the ones who have gone before, he starts his pester 1 hour before dinnertime.

Must be something embedded in the walls to be transmitted to passing canine brains. . :roll_eyes: