Changing to married surname on title deed

Hi , does anyone have an idea how my wife can change the surname on her property title deed to match the married surname she has adopted on her passport last year ?
Her previous surname which is currently on the deed comes from her previous marriage and is not her maiden surname.
The idea is just to make sure she doesn’t get in trouble re identity laws and validity of insurance etc.
Guessing its a matter of going back to her notaire who arranged her purchase in the first place a few years ago?

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Hello @guy1 and welcome to Survive France!

I find it a bit odd that your wife’s previous married name was on the deeds in the first place. When I first bought this property very many years ago, it was in my (then) husband’s and my names but my maiden name was used on all documentation, so it never matched my passport!

Maiden names are usually used for all official documentation in France to avoid this sort of problem. It can cause difficulties for the English who tend to have their married names on passports when the e.g. Carte de Sejour is in the maiden name whereas I understand that French passports are in the maiden name? (Never seen one so am open to being corrected on that).

Anyway - I am sure you are right and talking to the notaire is the way forward. People with more detailed legal knowledge are sure to respond as well!

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Seems that might be best… going back to the Notaire who already knows her…

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Snap @stella but I was being rather long-winded as usual :smiley:

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I just went through this last year, what my notaire very kindly did for me was;

First name followed by Maiden surname.
Then “married to” and then husband’s Name- which is the name on my passport, drivers lic. (and how I shall be known as, into forever more in la belle France)

Other governmental agency staffs have not at all been bothered by this as it is also the way my Titre de Sejour is, and french insurance and Social, and OFII.

Bonne chance et profité bien!

Your passport and carte d’identité have your maiden name on them but you can have “épouse XYZ” or a nom d’usage mentioned if you like, it can make it easier if you travel with children who have their father’s name and not yours.

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My Titre de Sejour has my maiden name on it but also “Div” and my ex-husband’s name on it since it’s the name I kept for professional reasons…

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also “Div” and my ex-husband’s name on it since it’s the name I kept for professional reasons…

Yes that’s a nom d’usage.

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What makes me laugh is I am Jones (épouse Jones) since I never changed my name on marriage, but officialdom seemed to want to recognise that I am married.

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