Changing URSAAF on Autoentrepreneurs.ursaaf after house move

Hi All,

Since moving house, I have and updated my SIRET , URSAAF and tax office. I still have my CCI to do, but that is all in process. However, I am stuck trying to change my details on the autoentrepreneur website. My messages requesting the change, which I assume go to the Marseille URSAAF, remain unanswered. My searches on the internet have also drawn a blank so far. Anyone got any advice?



I finally got an explanation today. The original URSSAF will usually continue to manage the AE cotisations and autoentrepreneu.urssaf. fr account until the end of the year in which the inter-regional move took place. The change-over should all happen automatically.

Just in case anyone else hits this problem… or non-problem

that’s useful to know…

Thanks for the update… :relaxed: :relaxed: