Changing user name

Does anyone know how to change ones user/display name, or if it is even possible? Thank you.

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Yes it is possible.
Its an Admin function now so PM @james with the name you now wish to have.

Looks like I can do it as a moderator - but I think it might be possible for a user to edit their own name. Go to your account preferences page - if there is a little pencil icon next to your user name then you can use that to change it.

Thank you, but there is no pencil.

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I wonder if you have to be at a specified level to do it.

I was able to change mine, but I might have been at a higher “trust level” when I did it.

James did allow name changes originally when he changed the real names policy on SF for a short time. He then stopped it and now has to be done by Admin (ie James).

So, no lead in the users name change pencil anymore, in fact no pencil.


You might want to try those “little blue pills” @John_Scully

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Rather than create a new thread, I’ll ask this here… How can I change my location? I created my account before moving here so it says “UK soon to be Bordeaux”. Thanks :slight_smile:

Settings, preferences, profile.

My seals are lipped :wink: