Channel 5 Documentary series - Brits living / working in France

Hello group. I am sure you will not be unfamiliar with this type of request! I am working with a Television Production company making a C5 series about Brits living and working in France. Looking for contributors of all ages and backgrounds, who have made their home here. Perhaps you’ve been settled for 20 years, have French citizenship and an established business or just recently taken the plunge to cross the channel, lock stock and barrel?
We are planning to filming over the summer months 2021. Looking initially at the South West France - 1h30 radius of Bordeaux. I know there are plenty of fascinating and engaging Brits, making great lives out here. I would love to hear from you ASAP. (I live near Nimes, btw)
Many thanks.


Welcome to Survive France Gemma!
I imagine people from the right area willbe along soon. Meanwhile it might be an idea to amend your post to remove the email address as it’s very public? People can send you a direct message on the site if they are interested and it’s secure!

Gawd, given the general distain from some people about old Angle and Dirk’s chateau adventures this could be interesting…

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Just don’t get them started on vaccines…


Geof! Please! Can you hide that word???


I think we’ve found their new show…
“join Dick and Angel as they travel round rural France in their converted bus searching out a decent stock of AstraZeneca vaccine in an attempt to inoculate the entire British immigrant population of France”

It’s got ‘10 part series prime time on channel 4’ written all over it! :rofl:

Ps. Sorry for derailing your thread already @Television, sadly I’m 3 hours away but good luck with it, keep us updated as the project goes along!


Ooh, pick me. I tell funny stories. :grin:

Surely Dick and Angel would have to have some sort of challenge in the show to sift in or out Brexiteers? Wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t anything to do with the B word…

But seriously how many shows can one make about Brits in the SW of France! Of the however many thousand UK immigrants here only a proportion are in that corner. There must be more interesting ideas… maybe a theme, such as British nurses in France, or city dwellers, or frontaliers. Or challenges facing people coming out from under the radar. Just something different from glamping sites, gîtes, vineyards and renovation projects.


Lovely spot.

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Maybe people could be set the task of making a beehive out of an old pallet Dick found and some of Angel’s collection of Victorian false teeth and they could call it the “bite of honey roasted gammon” challenge. Those who don’t spend the entire time complaining that French bees are not as good as “proper British bees” or paint their hive entirely in a Union Jack can get the vaccine.

OK then…


I thinks there’s mileage in a documentary series looking at the activities of TV researchers as they metaphorically attempt to extract sap from a tree that was felled years ago.

I might pitch it to Ch4.


How predictable.

How about a year in Provence… ah, that’s already been covered :open_book: :slightly_smiling_face:

We saw Santana at the arena in Nimes one hot August evening. Before that we explored in the afternoon in a muggy 42°C. But by 9pm the temperature was perfect, the arena was full, our seats were excellent and Santana was as brilliant as ever. Lovely couple of days.


One of my favorites…

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Hi Gemma- Fascinated by your excellent project - As you can see from the responses you have already garnered Brit immigrants in France are a miserable old bunch who look down on all you poor people who might want to expose the reality of living and working in France. Apparently you have nothing to offer the British public that hasn’t been explored before. From my own personal experience, living 40 kilometres from Bordeaux and previously in the Pyrenees Oriental over the past 21 years l can absolutely vouch for the complete lack of any sense of community by British immigrants. In fact l really believe the majority go out of their way to effect a supercilious and arrogant attitude to any other immigrants who do not hold the same beliefs as they do. This will be evidenced in the response to my post.


Thanks, that’s cheered my evening :eyes: confinement and couvre-feu are getting to us all.


Go to Eymet. They’re all English there.