Charges at Urgences if not admitted

Just by way of information, following on from the Lot et Garonne CPAM thread there is another (non Brit/Brexit related) issue pending regarding charges at Urgence if you are not admitted…


One would hope there are exceptions. We finished up at Urgence one Christmas Day after OH broke his collar bone in the dark taking the dog for a walk - don’t ask.
He didn’t need to be admitted but he did need the collar bone to be reset. The staff were in Santa hats and were very good to him after he fainted from the pain.

Phew… it does say the “charge” will be covered by the Mutuelles… or have I misunderstood that bit…

and it does mention “a modest sum” … so not breaking the bank … :thinking:

In the face of ever-escalating mutelles costs we have scaled ours right back to hospitalisation only. So no help there for us sadly.

I go to the Urgences more often than I need hospitalization… so am interested to find out the modest sum involved…

I’m hopeful it really will be “modest”… :wink:

Have you spoken to @fabien? He might be able to help you find a solution?


More information:

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@Graham_Lees Thanks for the link. So, pay to see the doctor, pay to go to A&E. That’s put even more pressure on the pharmacies.

Yes but one already pays to see the doctor?

And TBH, having worked with a load of people from the local hospital who are charged with chasing up non existent EHICS / CV’s etc this makes financial sense. It is going to be reimbursed by mutuelles anyway so I don’t see the problem?

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And…it could even make pharmacies more competitive ?

This question leads to me asking if one can choose which hospital/clinic they are taken/go to? We have never needed a emergency visit :pray: but it would be nice to know if we can choose the nearest medical facility. I should swot up on the procedure…just in case :face_with_head_bandage: :mask:

I think some people don’t go to the doctor precisely because they have to pay and so they go to the pharmacist for a consultation.
Not everyone has a mutuelle, or like us, only has cover for hospital.

I would be really interested to know what the percentage is of French people who don’t have a mutuelle. (Just being nosy not pointed btw!). I suspect it is quite low but could be completely wrong…

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about 5% :wink:

Selon une récente étude de la Dress (Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation et des statistiques) 5% de la population n’aurait pas encore souscrit de complémentaire santé soit environ 3 millions de français.