Charges technically paid - or not?

Can anyone answer this?

I am a full time salaried worker here in France. It naturally follows that I pay all my taxes, social security, health and retirement contributions on that salary. If we follow the logic of that, then I have fully paid for these items - is that correct?

So, I am toying with the idea of setting up a business in parallel whilst continuing with my salaried employment.

Does anybody know if RSI, retraite and the others will be into me for another pound of flesh, or will they agree that I have already made quite handsome contributions and that these things are effectively paid for between me, my salary and the company I am employed by?

Thanks, I think it will be more likely tu turn out like that too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the RSI wanted everything from you too - typical for france - but I’m not sure. what i do know is that if you’re salaried and pay everything as is your case and then do aditional work as an autoentrepreneur you pay again based on your turnover… plenty find themselves contributing to the régime général AND the RSI! so I presume it would be the case if you set up a company or whatever status you set up under - in short, the moment you earn anything the state want their cut!!!

Bonne chance !