Charity Christmas Raffle

(Tony Cox) #1

Hi, What are SFN members views on having a charity Christmas raffle with the prizes being donated?

(Catharine Higginson) #2

I think there may well be ‘issues’ involved in organising a raffle. We had previously thought about this / and or an auction as a way of generating funds but it proved a bit problematic. I may be wrong but it might be simpler to donate the prizes to the charity of your choice and let them raffle them?

(Tony Cox) #3

Are there any SFN members connected to any cancer charities? If there are I would be willing to donate a prize for a raffle for a cancer charity. I am prepared to buy a nice bottle of Armagnac to the value of €40. Whos next

(Ruth Deborah Rey) #4

Why not?

I'd be game ... even though I'm a good Jewish girl and don't celebrate Christmas, by Channukah :))))))