Charity Donations, Phone Chugging or a Scam

Christmas comes but once a year and charities often use it as a time for tugging the heartstrings. I am for charities but taking an example I encountered this morning I was rather put off. I don't mind being approached and do sometimes succumb but this morning the guy went too far and alarm bells started ringing. First of all his telephone number was hidden. Secondly he had a sub Saharan accent. "Was I prepared to give towards a charity supporting victims of land mines?" Possibly I replied but please send me details by post as I never give money over the phone withot seeing written documentation first. "How much do you give to charity?". Please send me details of your charity. "Would you be prepared to give money now to pay for one prosthetic?" No- please send me details. He had my address already. He then went on and on and I kept repeating myself until I just said that the conversation is over- please send me details. In fact he rather put me off his charity if it is a genuine one. If it is straight then they really should not be marketing like this. I suspect at best he was on a commission to sell like chugging. It was quite honestly rather unpleasant but there this may well be a sort of telephone fraud or scam in which case people need to know about it. If at the end of the day I do get proper written details I may send some money. Yes there are plenty of people out there affected by land mines and plenty of them are in Britain and I suspect France as well.

Both MAG and HALO fundraise all over Europe, MAG USA doesn't touch Europe at all. HI have done some phone appeals but I thought they had got gist of it being not very clever.

Thanks Brian. I was aware of the first two who are also in the UK but I do know that there was a bit of a problem (now resolved) at HALO a few years ago. I'll wait to see what comes in the post. I just don't like doing it over the phone anyway- there are just so many fraudsters out there.

There are MAG (Mines Action Group) and HALO Trust, plus here in France Handicap International are involved in the fight against anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs. Unless one of those charities identifies themselves then it is a scam. There are no others who have any known activity such as fundraising in France.

Dick I had a very strange experience outside the local Lidl last year, at about this time. I noticed a lady begging outside when I went in, sitting on the pavement, dog at the side, as usual. I didn't really take a close look though. I did my shopping and loaded the car. As I went back to return the trolley I took a closer look. I had quite a shock I can tell you. She looked physically like my late wife who had died eight year earlier, same smile. I don't normally give these people anything, and regard them as pests. However this time I gave the lady two euros and she smiled back at me with the smile of my wife. As I drove home I had all sorts of things racing through my mind.

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It’s a scam. They are often found outside large supermarkets and disappear at the sight of a security person. I ask for their ID card and that is enough to put them off.

Just found this on the net

David, it is amazing how many people do not want to send you details, even though they must have your address!