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Me again. I feel I’m abusing the website and it’s members. Sorry if this the case. Having returned to France we find that the boiler won’t work. It’s within its yearly service period. I have a pilot flame but it will not fire up for either hot water or central heating. I am finding it impossible to contact our usual plumber/service man and in the past have been unable to find anyone. “It’s too old,” is the claim. It is indeed old: a Verneuil 22B or 27B the makers of which were taken over years ago and allowed all aspects of it to fall in to desuetude. It’s nearly as tall as me and contains a hot water tank. Wonderful piece of kit until now of course. DO ANY OF YOU know of an experienced chap (or woman) within striking distance of us (Rochefort) who can fix it? I have drawings/schematics showing components and something tells me it’s the pressure sensor that’s stuck or failed: the one that has to be activated before the system will permit firing up. Thanking you in advance

Can’t help with a personal recommendation but have you stuck “depannage chauffage rochefort 17300” into Google and had a look at what pops up?

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You could also contact the local Chambre de Métiers for an approved artisan.

I haven’t but I surely will. Thank you.

It might be something simple like water pressure. There should be a valve and pressure gauge between your water supply and the boiler thats used to pressurise the system. Turn it on and watch the gauge .

Are you able to scan & post those - there are some on the 'net but they’re not that clear. However the system looks pretty simple. Are you confident with electrics?

Did you try this website that I’d mentioned in another thread:

Plug in your post code for plombiers in your area…?

Good luck.

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Mary, Thank you. ‘Our Man’ called me out of the blue yesterday and turned up within 1/4 of an hour. Job doe and thank you for input. Noted.


Billy the Butcher, Thanks. Yes, have the schematics and our usual man rocked up yesterday out of the blue and sorted things out. Turned out to be the titty that slowly extracts itself from it’s housing as the pilot flame bi-metal heats up to allow full flow of gas to the unit. Wasn’t coming out all the way. Then there was the central heating pump. Normally when activated I can hear the initial gurgling of the system water but I thought it has packed in as there wasn’t a peep. Turns out that the micro valve that I installed in the highest pipe of the system to bleed it has done it’s job and the system is completely free of air.

Thanks Mark. Yep, did that lowered the pressure (it’s charged from the mains) and then raised it. Fortunately our usual chap turned up and fixed the problem. Sticky gas titty that wasn’t fully emerging to permit full gas flow after the pilot area was sufficiently hot.

Here’s the rub Shiba. We have to have the usual guy as he was trained to work on these. Others from huge reputable firms have taken one look at it and walked off stating that they can’t work on it. Rather like garages that tel you that you must buy a new engine and gearbox because it’s easier for them to fit than replacing a 2 bit part. I had a Merc garage ask me to pay £120 for complete wing mirror - and this was twenty years ago - when the internal adjustment lever failed to function. I fixed it with a monel pop rivet. 5p and 10 minutes.