Chav's prayer

Our father who art in prison

Even Mum knows not his name,

Thy Chavdom come

You will read the Sun in Basildon

Which is not heaven

Give us this day our welfare bread, and forgive us our ASBO’s as we forgive those who got ASBO’s against us.

Lead us not into employment, but deliver us free housing For this is the Chavdom, the Burberry and the Bacardi

forever and ever


This is true Fiona! Have I told you about my Grandma Coppin who used to shoot rabbits on the railway embankment?

I am also an Essex girl. But not from Sourff Essex, from North Essex, in fact almost into Suffolk DAHLING!!

I’m a blonde from Basildon - but hey, I did manage to escape to France :wink:

Love it… :slight_smile: