Cheap car parts in France

I used to use a garage in Dax, I don't any more as he would get really annoyed when I turned up asking him to fit parts that I had sourced for half the price he would supply them for.

Oscaro is the company we use. For example, we needed a new clutch for our Pathfinder. Nissan Garage €850 plus fitting, local general garage €650 plus fitting. Oscaro €350 then the local garage charged €250 for fitting because it was a big job. Result, Well, you can see the difference for yourself. or your local casse auto ;-)

The only site in France:

Some of their parts are even cheaper - new! - than at my local breaker's yard! And that's for a French car. They deliver to your home ... or, to a garage that will fit the parts at a fixed charge.

Good luck

Hi Patsie, not in France exactly but this is a German company we have used for spare Renault parts in the past I can only speak for my own experiences but found them very helpful, parts were delivered quickly and are genuine parts. Cost was around 50% of the same part from our local Renault garage. Our mechanic was very interested in where we found the parts but unfortunately for him, being a Renault franchisee, he is unable to buy anywhere else other than Renault France. Hope that helps you.

Try this one, they are English but deliver to France

Is this any help?

I suggest you do what i have just been doing and search online. I stupidly lost my petrol cap (on a late night visit to an automatic petrol station), for my Vauxhall and didn’t find any French (Opel) sites (had already tries to get an emergency cap at local garages without success) and discovered this company in the uk that will post stuff …

Good luck.

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I am looking for a while for the cheapest car parts and I found a FRENCH seller from ebay for all Europe. They have 2 extra warehouse in UK and TR. TAYGACARPARTS. Tel. +90 539945 1548

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I used Yakarouler recently for a new clutch - good service and cheap.

You could have just put stickers on your RHD lights. Much cheaper!

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