Cheap car parts in France

I know that this was discussed some time back, the fact that there were some companies in France who were able to undercut the extremely high costs for spare parts. We are urgently looking for brake pads for a Renault Kangoo - any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I get mine off my local english mechanic who orders them from the UK. So far there hasn't been anything here cheaper than the UK even with delivery.

Try Nigel on 0553625046


You could also try EBC Brakes Simply type in your vehicle make and model and follow the links. They have a depot in France but all communication and orders go through the UK office. hope this helps.

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Hi - have you tried - just saved 270 euros on a radiator! And only 5 euros for 48 hr delivery. Mind you the 48 hour delivery isn't true as we ordered on Saturday and today (Weds) its at their depot in our dept (86) but still not arrived!! They have quicker options but its not an urgent repair....

Also try and

Some of them you put in your registration number and the right parts are shown (generally) always good to check as some variations do creep in. Where we are some of the garages will not fit parts not supplied by them (small signs have recently gone up) so unless fitting yourself have somebody that can. Having said that some of the supplier sites have suggested fitters and a quoted price.

Try these guys, I've only had car batteries from them, but the supply Poids Lourdes and Industrielle batteries too.

one of the, if not the biggest parts dealer in France. Online, quick delivery and value for money. Did devide my garage bills by two.....

Does anyone perhaps know of a good value company who supplies tractor batteries?

This topic just shows what a great site "Survive in France" is!

Try below, I have found them reliable

uk secondhand spares will often post to france too.

I find it's much cheaper to go online and order from a UK or european distributor, as even secondhand spares in France are twice the price. I recently spent 3 months looking for citroen berlingo headlights (not possible from uk, as left hand drive!) and ended up translating german using reverso, and found them on a german spares site

The french secondhand casses both wanted 120 euro for them and they cost me 150 brand new, including delivey. As green as I always have been, I can't afford to be ripped off like that. So I swallowed my green credentials and bought new.

they spoke english but i used german to search for them, after chosing german on my ecosia search engine.

We have a Saab and a Renault Megane Break. In both cases parts are usually cheaper from England, but I have bought parts from the USA and Germany. Even Megane parts are much more expensive in France than in the UK and certain parts, like the infamous window winding relays, are just not available in France. My local garage here is thinking of buying in the UK. In the UK small cottage industries seem to develop to remake parts that become scarce and as they are usually adept at the internet then why not. Just imagine what will happen however if the French actually do tax internet purchases, with a view of sustaining local businesses, as they are threatening to do. The internet stuff does take hours though, and if you are gainfully employed rather than retired like me it may not be that real cost effective. i did my oil and filter change on the ford for about 70€. Im just about to,do my break pads too, about 50€ on there

This place is sometimes cheaper than Oscaro (not always) . Service is good and fast. Have had folks breakdown on a Monday whilst in my gites for a week. By there leaving on the Sat,an alternator had been delivered and we'd fitted it together.

Very often parts are cheaper from UK even with delivery. For heavy items if you have people coming over get a 'supply' in. GSF carparts , Eurocarparts, Mister auto have a UK side too. For batteries, I use batterymegastore, they have a UK and .fr . I used .fr and received within 48hrs.

If you are within say, 50kms of Redon there is a mobile mec' I use for stuff I am not confident to tackle. I get my parts & Chris fits. At present 35€ per hour, and about a fiver for fuel for me as I am only 25 or so kms from him. He is reg'd too before anyone asks, lol

Your local casse-auto (breakers yard) - look in your yellow pages - will be the cheapest option. I've found "nearly new" parts at our local yard.

Hi There,

Carparts 4less have delivered to France. Ring them really helpful. If a problem Where are you based Im in Uk just now back next Tuesday. Maybe we could sort something.


Thank you all so much for your help my husband will be very pleased and so am I.

I've not used them and 18 quid for delivery will make it expensive for low cost items but may be worth looking at.

Take a look at, I have used them several times.