Cheap Telephone Calls to UK

The last time this was discussed was about a year ago and so I wondered what everyone is doing these days? Our telephone provider used to do FOC calls to the UK but now charges and since I need to be in regular touch with family in England, I am looking for a cheaper alternative. I have a number: 08 11 65 48 48 which is probably out of date now and of course use skype where possible. What do you guys use?

I use DARTYBOX - same deal as all the other VOIP providers - free calls to the UK etc etc

'Free' have just been caught out - I wonder if they'll now hike up their prices.

I hope this isn't too out of date to reply to!

We're with Orange and have unlimited UK phone calls included in our monthly internet/phone abonnement.

I am also with Orange for my mobile - ridiculously expensive to phone the UK from this, but I have now purchased a Nobel phone card (online) and can use my mobile to phone my elderly mother for a very competative price. It goes through a french number therefore is included in the monthly subscription

free calls SFR box also :-) Had it for years now and really happy with it, also use the sfr box to record films on canal + or canal sat :-)

I used Soho66 for VOIP which is great for calling the UK - i took the unlimited calls package at 6.99 a month...I also use to avoid those pesky call charges....i gave up with Orange liveboxes and use my own router....

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply. Really useful.

Free calls with Free Telecom & and a very old Bouygues offer that lets me count calls to English mobile phones out of my call allowance. This no longer exists, you have to pay 10€ supplement now

With Orange calls to landlines in most countries is free. There is a big list of the ones you can call on the contract. I must say i didn't read it for ages - but since i found out the phone's been in much more use.

Best bet is probably still the full package - TV, Internet, telephone - offered by the likes of Orange at approx.€39 par month with their LiveBox (rent don't buy!). All calls included to Western Europe and North America and also mobiles (EXCEPT the UK mobiles!!) but not including those awful UK "National" numbers such as those that start 0870

I get free phone call almost worldwide plus tv and internet for €44,99 a month good service, very happy.

SFR, our Internet Service Provider, also offers free calls to 100 countries. This is fantastic as long as you are at home, but what if you go away? There is a great cheap solution to this: With this, you can allocate a local number for your international friends, then call them from wherever you may be on your mobile. The calls are cheap - about 2,1c a minute. They also have 100's of destinations on their list.

If you are in another country, set the phone number from you hotel, friend's house etc. as your location and once again, you can call from their landline or mobile without incurring humunguous roaming or overseas mobile rates.

I have a Dartybox and calls to France, UK, USA, Australia etc etc etc are included in the monthly charge.

I'm also with"free", and have free calls to any landline in the world, plus any french mobile. The TV and internet all included comes to about 34 a month.

I use SFR/Neuf box too, cost 36 euros per month. Another service I use in addition is Phoning UK mobiles costs 8.5 cents per minute.

Same with Orange. Free calls to landlines in about 100 countries, including New Zealand ;-D

Likewise, I use Alice and via the Alicebox have free calls to landlines both here and to many other countries. I also make use of VOIP via a company called Soho66 ( I have purchased a virtual UK telephone number which costs me £2 + VAT per month. You are able to select a UK number with an area code of your choice (in my case, 01892 - Tunbridge Wells) and by using this number via the PC (I can also use it by selecting IP on my VOIP phone) any call to anywhere in the world gives the appearance of originating from Tunbridge Wells. Very useful if you want to speak to Sky or any other supplier you would prefer not to identify your location. Calls are also very cheap. Another plus is that you can dial UK 0800 numbers for free which is not possible via France Telecom and ISP suppliers and also numbers such as 0845 are not treated as premium numbers.

Orange package gives me unlimited internet, free international calls, free calls to French mobiles and 50+ television channels for 39€/month. Would cost more if I retained France Télécom landline connection, but choose not to. Only downside is with a big thunder storm you lose the lot for a while.

I call UK regularly. I'm doing Bouygues Ideo with Fibre Optic. Very satisfied.

I am with Free so still get free calls to Landlines