Cheapest UK mobile to call UK from France?

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I have an unusual situation. I live here in France, and am setting up a NON-PROFIT in the UK. I’m struggling with the costs to call UK landlines from here.

I don’t have a landline. I live off grid entirely because of my itinerant travelling work life.
It has to be a mobile solution and must also be using my UK NUMBER because I want them to keep my UK number for fluidity of contact when in the UK.

What I’m looking for is the cheapest mobile deal to call from a UK SIM, to UK numbers, from France

Any suggestions very much appreciated


Take a look at Lebara, ok customer service is nothing to cheer about but its low cost no tie in commitment and 100 minutes of international calls included is hard to beat. Best Lebara deals are often on the comparrison sites

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If you use the Vyke app (, and port your UK number in or purchase another number, you can call UK numbers at a PAYG rate of 1.5p/min for landlines, and receive all calls and texts for free. Your Vyke service costs about 17 euros per year. You will need mobile data however, but then you can get a French sim with data eg Prixtel which is 6.99 for 30Gb

Thanks I will look at that

I’ve also realised that most of the “roaming” UK deals only apply for 90 days, which is no good for all my calls from about November to whenever I go to the UK in summer :melting_face:

Yes that would fall outside of most if not all UK providers. Lebara are more Indian and you may be ok.

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That is the advantage of Vyke, there are no roaming issues to overcome.

My £7 p.m. deal with iD mobile incs unlim calls, unlim txt, unlim data UK & all Europe. Subject to ‘reasonable use’ when roaming. Never had a problem for years.

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Thats good to hear, I was put off a little by the we look at your usage and compare it to home UK to see if you are exceeding fair usage. It looks like holiday high usage maybe acceptable to them? I regularly get through 50GB watching Netflix whilst away.

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No, I have UK lebara and they started charging roaming after a few months - similar surcharge to ID mobile if I recall - to receive and make calls.

Giffgafff did not charge additional for calls received once free roaming ended - will charge for calls made…

Unlimited data for £7 - are you sure? Blimey!

I guess the approach will be to analyse the cheap UK providers costs - lebara, oneID - smarty,? including the roaming charges, versus the vyke option.

edit - just thought of 1p mobile but it also has the fair use policy. I also recalled that was it vodaphone (?) - had a roaming pack that one could just add to the package

The MSE website articles on roaming may help the OP

It has an article about three’s ‘Go Roam’ SIM - whether that also comes up against the 4 month limit I don’t know… - it does say use at least once per 6 months!

Trick to beat the new roaming charges – roam in Europe and 41 other countries for no extra charge, whatever network you’re on

Three is charging pay-monthly contract customers for roaming, but the new charges won’t apply to its pay-as-you-go customers, which means, even if you’re not a Three customer, there’s a trick to still grab a Go Roam deal. The deal lets you use your standard allowance in 71 destinations – 41 additional locations outside of Europe – including Australia and the USA.

Just order one of its free pay-as-you-go Sims*, top it up (you can get 4GB for £19, for example) and then pop it into your handset while you’re away. You’ll have to use the new number (and have an unlocked phone) and need to top it up and use it in the UK at least once first. You’ll also need to use it once every six months to keep it active.

And to be clear, this is about getting an additional Sim just to use for roaming, not replacing your current one.

If you’re watching that much Netflix I wonder why you bother coming to France :thinking: :wink: :laughing:

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I got fed up with the numb nut journalists singing 3’s go roam, they had a data limit of 25Gb pretty obvious the journo’s had free lunches etc and all copied each others homework which was wrong! There were much more generous offers from other providers. Virgin mobile have just changed providers officially end of June for contract changeover so roam like home no more! Will be O2’s data limit so will be waving them goodbye in June ( end of July as I wont be around for the changeover so will still be able to use all my data and rolled over data for Netflix whilst away)

Late in the evening when all are asleep when nothing is stiring not even a mouse! :joy:

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Soz. Was. Now 8Gb pm. Voice/txt unlim everywhere. Tho I was cut off after 1 hr calling UK from FR. Unreasonable use. Instant call again also cut off.