Cheapest way to make a hot drink?

Now that we are having ‘red’ days on Option Tempo, I think the cheapest way to make a hot drink is by boiling the exact amount of liquid required into a saucepan on the induction plate. Boiling the kettle involves having to boil more water than is needed, so that’s electricity wasted. The saucepan method means only the required amount is boiled.

Anybody know any better way?

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Microwave? I am not sure of the watts but it is super quick. I use a glass measuring cup.


I have bought a stove top kettle for the log burner! No good if you don’t have one though!


Stove-top kettles are marvellous!

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Our log burner is only on in the evening, and we don’t have stove top kettle, but I can see that would work well.

Each of the logs I brought in last night, which are meant to be 30 cm, were just a tad too long to fit. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

We have a microwave out in one of the sheds, but for some reason I never use it. Maybe I should.

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My only hot drinks are small, black coffees. As I have 2 filter machines that stopped working years ago, (and as is well known I chuck, almost, nothing away) I boil the electric kettle and make a jug and another as back up.

Then when required a small amount is poured into a glass (not a wine glass) and it is put into the 15 year old 99 pence microwave. Precisely 45 seconds later it is ready for the small spoonful of suger to be added. :joy:


That sounds likea ritual fit for a dedicated coffee drinker. :star_struck:

Buy a large thermos flask

Another option is a Thermos. The Danes always make thier coffee, pour it in a Thermos and turn it straight off.

Great minds eh?

It is, and I am, but the good news is I don’t have to dress up in an archaic outfit to do it. :rofl:

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Since we are surviving on a camping kitchen at the moment plus microwave and mini-oven (in a heading-towards-sub-zero) barn, the microwave is getting a lot more use than it normally would. We don’t normally use it much when we have a proper kitchen (will those days ever come back :thinking: ).

HOWEVER it is proving extraordinarily useful on the hot drinks front. I usually only drink tea and use an electric kettle or stove-top one but being obedient to what the hospital docs told me, I have started having hot chocolate at night and a microwave is perfect for that!


That’s v interesting, Angela. What is the medical take on hot chokky at night?

Pretty much the same with me because sparks just will not book a RdV. He’s now stopped reponding to comms. Another sparks, whose van I saw parked in Vire, said he’d come ‘next week’ - which was last week. Another no-show.

Anyone in 14/50 with knowledge of a sparks who will turn up when they say they will, v. grateful for the heads-up.

We used to have something like this when did long trips with children. Worked well, but no idea of energy use v a microwave - although you are only heating the water, not the cup.

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Why can’t you just boil what is needed in a kettle?

Mine has a 700ml minimum, so double what 1 cup of tea needs.

Do you have an outdoor space near to the kitchen door where you can light a small fire and have a ready supply of twigs?

If so, a breeze block “rocket” stove will cost you under €10.


For me it was a way to get more calcium into my system. Not at all sure it’s a good idea for most people though :smiley:


If I had hot chocolate at night I would be buzzing round the house at 2 in the morning, completely unable to sleep. :grin:

Because in an electric kettle, it has to have a minimum of water in it, which in our kettle is over half a litre which is far more than I need for a cup of tea or coffee. You are heating more water than is needed.

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