Check your attic: these old computers are crazy expensive

If i had the money and a fantastic house to put it into …


Oooo err, a Cray-1 Supercomputer from the mid 70’s, 32mb and used around about 110kw.

I reckon @John_Scully has a few old timers stashed away :wink:

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Yours truly sold an old Motorola flip phone at a boot sale for £5 (think it was a StarTac). Saw many years later it was back up to the £1500 (yes, I was nuts) I had paid for it

Anyone want a Sinclair Spectrum? :smiley:

I had the Sinclair doorstop (ZX81) with a 64k ram pack



Bloody rampak kept falling off the back when it got hot and you’d lose all your program (loaded from tape cassette) :roll_eyes:
I wrote Monopoly on the ZX81 and it took 20 minutes to load off the tape so not a happy chappie when it fell over :rage:

It has definitely spurred me on to wonder where my Spectrum has got to. Hmmmm… I had lots of games tapes too…

Worse, falling off when the power was on often killed the machine and/or the RAM pack.

I did a stint of electronics repair in the 1980’s - got very good at fixing Spectrums and ZX80/81’s


perhaps that’s what happened to it in the end… I tossed it in the bin and bought a BBC computer with twin floppy 5½" drives instead in Stevenage…
Happy days!

I had a big clean out a few years ago Graham. I even had the front panel of a 3705 FEP which I should never have got rid of. I’d have it mounted in the sitting room now :roll_eyes: (or at least in the garage).

3705 FEP

I still have one of these though, very handy for £sd…



We’ve probably still got an Amiga somewhere. Brilliant little computer.

After my ZX81 I purchased a Dragon 32 - every time my parents central heating clicked in it crashed :slight_smile: After two replacements it was returned for a refund.

I went from a ZX81 to the powerhouse known as an Acorn Electron which I think was linked to a BBC Micro in some way.

I’d hang on to it, Doris the idiot will be bringing them back soon

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It was linked to the BBC Micro

We still have an Acorn RISC PC buried away in the garage…

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Don’t forget the Amstrad CPC464, CPC664 , and CPC6128, I still have the CPC6128 somewhere.

I did manage to convince my parents to buy this for me with good intentions of learning programming etc - but then just played games on it for hours, including scoring over 3 million on Chuckie Egg - I can tell that you are impressed!

a step back in history… chuckie was a favourite…
My, how things have changed in the games world!


I really liked the “Level” types of games. Anyone remember the (more sophisticated (!) ) addictive Manic Miner?