Cheese, Gromit

Hi everyone,
I may be asking a silly question but can anyone tell me of a nice low-fat French cheese.
I adore French cheese, but I am relieved to find cheddar hiding shyly on the shelves as well.
I have put on too much weight since coming to France, so I have to cut down, but am reluctant to give up cheese altogether, so apart from smaller portions, is there any good cheese for the weight conscious? I prefer soft cheese but I don’t mind too much.

Hard or soft?
Low in fat Camembert 5% fat pasteurised milk and there is a super range of goats cheeses in France also low in fat.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure about the fat content in goat’s cheese but I adore it. Is all goats cheese and Camambert low in fat?

No, sadly. Stick to Coulommiers and fresh goat’s cheese.

But cheddar is about as calorific as comté? Portion control is your friend here I think…

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You would be better off eating proper cheese but a bit less of it, and completely cutting sugar out of your diet.


I was told if you drink a glass of red with cheese it nullifies the effect of the cheese - is this not the case?

(I will not be checking this thread ever again to find out the answer. - fingers in ears lalalalalala!)


I avoid buying blocks of cheddar as I know it isn’t good for me, I really like the little pots of cheddar cubes that go so nicely in salad, and I have only been buying goats cheese recently and I love it.

Glass of red: fine
Cheese: fine
Sugar: not fine.

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How naughty. :grin:

Try some other cheeses :grin: if you like cheddar you may like Cantal, or if you like hard cheeses try Beaufort, Abondance or old Mimolette, if you like soft cheese go for a lovely Mont d’Or or an Epoisses. Livarot, Pérail, Cabecou…Or stinky and delicious cheeses like Maroilles or Munster.

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Refined sugar: not fine. Small amounts of natural sugars in vegetables and fruits: fine. Or even one or two squares of 70% dark chocolate.

Deprivation and replacement low fat/low sugar transformed products are not likely to lead to sustained weight loss.

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Thanks, I heard that dark chocolate can help with blood pressure as well.

Concoillotte 8-11% fat content by weight. Bit of an acquired taste/consistency.

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Cantal, Salers - my staple instead of cheddar. Flavour and maturity varies with the season. They are among the highest in fat content though.

I am not on a diet, and I don’t believe in deprivation but I am completely against transformed products and ‘packet food’!
When I said sugar I meant the powdered stuff :grin:
I make chocolate mousse with Lindt 70% (and eggs, obv) but for eating I prefer Dardenne 100% sans sucres ajoutés which is fabulous.
I think low fat things and sugar substitutes are abominations.
This is the chocolate


Do you know the Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine song?

I do now ! :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you! That has brought back a lovely memory of some friends from Besançon (sadly now dead) who loved concoillotte and tried without success for years to get me to like it…including singing the song.


Nice start to the day, hearing a French song that I hadn’t heard before. Just listening to the rest of the album.

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