Chef Dominique Sousbielle at Le Relais des Plages

Honoured to have photographed chef Dominique Sousbielle at his excellent restaurant Le Relais des Plages in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax this week, best of all I got to have lunch with him after service! I can't recommend his food highly enough, go there if you get a chance.

just thought i would add my own picture here.1 face i am sure you will all know 1 face you i hope in the future everyone will know and little old me

Fantastic, and a great alround shot. Not that I know anything :D

Took this one last night after the Marché nocturne, doing a bit of window shopping. 50mm f1.8 ISO1600 1/200![](upload://rxvnbluwFcLWzQjw3hdis0rfuqv.jpg)

Thanks Stu

I used the very nifty 50mm 1.4, nice bokeh don't you think?

Nice James. SOme info on the shot? Lens, f stop speed ISO etc. Cheeky bugger I know.