Chenille Processionaire

Hi everyone, thought Id just warn everyone in France that I have just seen 2 lines of the above on our shared driveway, whilst taking 1 of our dogs for a walk!!!! We live in the Vendee and it is unusual to see them this early in the year. They can be very dangerous to cats and dogs and can affect peoples breathing if they have any chest problems. I know that we are not supposed to stamp/squash them as their hairs fly everywhere and I dont think there is any way to kill them...anyway just be careful wherever you are!!!

Aah do you think that all those winds have knowcked the nests to the ground...yep that makes sense, I thought they were a bit early this year.....

Thanks for that Maria, the good news is if we get a cold spell now it wont do them any good and I tend to find a match and paraffin is a good combination to get rid of the nests when they fall on the floor.