Cheque d'emploi

has anyone used the cheque d’emploi recently? - does it still exist?
Could someone who has used it please explain the process

Hi - maybe this will help:

The CESU - Who’s it for and why?

I use it every month for our gardener and it works very well indeed. I use the online version which I can recommend.

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thanks Alan
can you point me in the direction of where to start please?

Right here Geoff: Join the CESU as an Employer

thank you both for your responses. am I to assume then that this has modified the cheque d’emploi with a bank debit based system?
It seems a bit complex. All I want to do is pay a one and only one off payment for some garden work to a person who is not registered for work.
I thought this was the idea behind the system - to ensure anyone who works is paying tax?

Geoff - it’s always been a direct debit based system - so that the payroll taxes (cotisations sociales) are correctly and automatically paid / collected once the payments for work carried out have been declared on line (or using manual payment slips). It’s pretty straightforward really - nothing to worry about - barring the cost of course!!

In your case you’d use the CESU Déclaratif

You’re correct - the purpose of the system is indeed to ensure anyone who works, and their employer pay the relevant taxes. You can use an online simulator to give you a calculation of how much you’ll pay in cotisations based on the amount of remuneration paid.

Geoff, it’s not intended for one-off pieces of work but for paying regular “employees” such as gardeners, cleaners, private tuition where they come regularly/periodically.
I genuinely have found it very easy indeed to use, even with my mediocre French. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up a,d as Simon said it debits you automatically. It then provides data for inclusion on your tax return - you get some degree of rebate. By the way, it provides free employer liability insurance!
It’s also a fascinating insight to taxes loaded onto employers! A mere 72% of the payment made to the employee!!!

Geoff… why is the person not registered to work ??

Is this a situation where you just want to give someone a few euros for being helpful…???

thanks again for the various inputs. no, Stella he is not registered for work but as this one off job involves climbing a tree with a chainsaw, I want some liability insurance in case he hurts himself.

My neighbour (81yrs) can often be seen up a ladder, waving his chainsaw around…his wife and I can hardly bear to watch his antics…

So, I do understand your concerns.

Why not check what your own household insurance covers… ? They would certainly be able to advise you… just a thought…

No household insurance will ever cover you or anyone you employ on the ‘black’ i.e. cash jobs.

As for employing someone to swing a chainsaw up a tree - you’d be much safer getting a quote from a local registered tree surgeon / gardening business - they’ll have all the relevant insurances. Yep - much more expensive but if anything went wrong with your unregistered guy you could be paying for it for the rest of your life!


I am not talking employing someone “on the black”…

Geoff is wanting to make sure there is Insurance cover if the Helper has an accident… (at least that’s how I understand things)…

A simple question to Geoff’s Insurers… and he’ll know which way to jump…:relaxed:

Stella - the ‘helper’ is someone not registered to work therefore he and Geoff are uninsurable if there were to be an accident. No point is asking any insurance company - if the guy is employed illegally to do a job then he cannot be insured.

Presumably that’s why Geoff is asking about CESU in the first place…

Surely cheque d’emploi is the correct means of payment for casual domestic labour by people who are not registered in a particular regime. My concern here would be that any insurance it provided would not stretch to working up in trees with chainsaws. For a specialist job like that a properly skilled, fully qualified and insured professional should be used.

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Geoff definitely says that he simply wants to make sure there is Insurance cover in case of accident…

I would want to be sure too… if someone was helping me…

and, I repeat I am not talking about “on the black”…

I have a garage full of tools, but am not able to use them myself…

Yes Stella I fully understand what Geoff is saying but you are confusing matters by suggesting that he should simply check with his insurance company about cover in case of an accident. What I am saying (again) is that - there is no point checking insurance cover for an unregistered worker (aka black / cash job worker) - there isn’t any!

As David has said above - for a specialist job like that a properly skilled, fully qualified and insured professional should be used.

Simon… when someone is asking about insurance cover… I don’t see anything strange in suggesting they talk with their Insurance company.

I have no doubt that the Insurance company would give Geoff best advice… and this might well be that he shouldn’t consider going ahead…:wink:

David… in my neck of the woods… a neighbour will help another neighbour…chainsaws are as plentiful as blackbirds in springtime…

Not saying it isn’t scary… it can be :scream: and personally I would (and do) use professionals for anything I consider dangerous.

Best to understand the context of the question though Stella, or Geoff will end up wasting his time :slight_smile: