Cheque Emploi Service

As an auto-entrepreneur, can you accept cheque emploi service as a payment, and, if so, is it useful? Just wondered if anyone had done this.

Yes exactly Finn

When you use CESU you are employed by whoever you're working for. AE you're self employed, completely different, and you can place your earnings from both in any account you want.

Thanks for your answer. So the CESU clients are separate from the auto-entrepreneur business, so you can't use the same account? I was thinking of using this for a different type of work I do from the a-e business but am not sure whether to put them both together under the a-e scheme or keep them separate.

Hi I'm an auto-entrepreneur and I have about three clients who pay me using CESU. It's not a problem, and is totally separate from your auto-entrepreneur business. When you get your tax form it should already have marked on it what you've earned using CESU that year. I ask the same amount as I do for my own business. They pay the cotisations, but then can claim back about 40% (used to be 50%) on their taxes.