Cheque emploi

Can anyone tell me about cheque employ? And if so the tax ratio on 10 euros per hour ?

I think this could be a relevant question!

There are many people who may wish to come to France who are in a similar

position and are hoping to work just a little, pay their taxes gratuisbut not require

anything for to speak.

Here sits a chorus of discord mainly in brewing a storm in UK.

If someone works part time under the cheque emploi system can they obtain a

carte vital? A friend of mine is thinking of moving to France and would be hoping to

work once of twice a week. She is not of retirement age and has a holiday home here

and a property in uk which she could easily let. She would, of course declare that income here.

Seems like a simple question but I can not answer it for her.

Quite - imagine having to calculate all the charges above yourself, hooray for cesu who do everything for you.

I use the cheque employ/CESU system for the young man who helps with the garden and for an occasional cleaner. It is extremely easy and keeps casual help legal. God forbid there should be an accident, but if so and one of the employees is hurt, the fines for the employer who paid no SS coverage at all are HUGE. The CESU website is so easy that there really is no reason not to use it.

Thank you!

This might help: (your taux horaire brut is €10.64 because of course you have added 10% for holiday pay to the smic)

SMIC horaire brut applicable : 9.67 euros au 01/01/2016
Taux horaire brut : 10.64 euros
Taux horaire net : 8.12 euros
Cotisations employeur : 2.41 euros
Coût total pour l’employeur : 13.05 euros
Coût total pour l’employeur après réduction de la déduction fiscale: 6.52 euros
Comment remplir le volet social ?
detail des Cotisations EMPLOYEUR
Taux Montant
Maladie, Maternité, Invalidité, Décès 12,84% 1.37
Déduction forfaitaire 2 euros
Total après déduction forfaitaire -0.63
Assurance vieillesse déplafonnée 1,85% 0.2
Vieillesse plafonnée 8,55% 0.91
Accident de travail 2,20% 0.23
Allocations familiales 5,25% 0.56
Sous Total 1 1.27
IRCEM (retraite complémentaire) 3,88% 0.41
AGFF 1,20% 0.13
Assurance chômage 4,00% 0.43
IRCEM (Prévoyance) 0,91% 0.1
Contribution Solidarité Autonomie 0,30% 0.03
Formation Professionnelle 0,35% 0.04
Fonds National d'aide au logement 0,10% 0.01
Contribution au financement des organisations syndicales 0,016% 0.002
Sous Total 2 1.14
Total des cotisations employeur 2.41