Cheque Emploi

Have any of you lovely people signed up to be paid by this? One of my clients has asked if he can pay like this - I’ve had a quick look at the sight but am currently in bed and sneezing and a bit puddled…so…

Are there any pitfalls to be aware of? Is it simple to sign up? Anything else I should know?


Catharine x

I used to have a side business giving English lessons. I got paid via this way and it isn’t a hassle at all. You have to register with URSSF or whatever it was and then you’ll be given a number. you can do it online. They have a majority of the hassle, you don’t. You’ll get a monthly statement showing how much you were paid and how much in charges and taxes were calculated. At the end of the year, it is on your tax statement. Easy peasy. I took this as a form of payment for seven years with no problem at all. As for paying someone with check emploi de service, it is great if you can get it from your company. My husband works for Michelin and with that we get more money back than if we didn’t have it. I have an organization come in to help me with my housework and children and we paid by regular check and in the end, it would have been smarter to get the reduced price cheque emploi de service because of the tax reduction at the end of the year.

Catherine, if you are paid by CE, you don’t have to pay contributions on it as the employer has to pay them, it’s the equivalent of being salaried. The advantage to the employer is that a certain amount can be claimed against your tax at the end of the year, so although 9€ turns into a cost, like Suzanne said, of about 15€, you can claim 7.5€ against your tax, so it finally costs 7.5€ in real terms!

I remember reading something about not needing one if you do less than 8 hours a week, but can’t remember where I saw that…

Not yet - its a new client

do you have a contract? I read up on this page…

I pay my own cotisations in any case so does this mean that they are effectively being paid twice?

I don’t pay on the black Stephen, I pay via an agency so all those social contributions are included. As I said I didn’t want the hassle of all the paperwork. I thought originally with CES that it was the employee’s responsibility to pay their social charges out of their agreed rate. When I found out it would cost me the same as I was paying through the agency because of all the extras I realised that’s why the agency rate is so high. They can hardly make a profit!

As a qualified Accountant I am hardly going to go around paying people on the black now am I?!?!

yes I looked into this too. I wanted to pay someone 9e per hour & it would have ended up costing me nearly 16. I think you have to pay holiday pay on top plus a load of other charges. It’s no wonder people go on the black! Anyway I ended up sticking with an agency, whilst about the same price per hour as if I paid CES I don’t have all the paperwork or to worry about writing a contract etc.

Thanks Amber! C x

I have paid people by CES, I had to “declare” them and then I could pay them in cash or by CES, I can’t think of any disadvantages for the payee…

Never used this system, what I understand from our accountant is that if we paid someone by the cheque emploi system, I then have to pay their social charges on top of what I have given you in cheque (approx 45% charges). You will then have to pay around 21% in social charges/taxes. Very complicated, so I have opted out of this system. Much simpler for us to put someone on contract or they invoice us for their services. Hope this helps.

Sorry I probably wasn’t clear - he wants to pay me like this.

Hi Catherine if your client is looking at paying someone that way its of no benefit to him and a bit of a nightmare paper work wise, typical French bureaucracy the best he can do is to get who ever to go over to the auto entrepreneur system that way he just pays whatever to who ever and does not have any of the hassle I am speaking as I went down this road last year paying for someone on the cheque emploi system and after all the hassle I gave in in the end the auto entrepreneur route is the best I can suggest for your client. hope that helps

I think its pretty acceptable and easy manner of being paid, the social charges are taken care of as well…