Cheque for water bill - AGUR - hasn’t cleared through bank yet

Hi all, looking for some info / wisdom. I live in U.K. and I paid our AGUR bill with a cheque drawn on our French bank account. Posted it in U.K. on 3 January (to be received by 15 January) but it has not yet cleared through our account. Anyone else pay by cheque? Has your cheque cleared? Thanks in advance.

Hello Colette. I don’t know if my experience is typical but the last few things I’ve paid for by cheque have taken ages to go through. In my case, I’m not sure it’s the bank - I think the receipients have sat on the cheques and then paid a lot in at once. Other people may know differently of course!
Do you have a logon for AGUR? You could could look on-line to see if they think they’ve had the cheque?

Hi Angela thanks for your reply. I was able to get online with AGUR and the bill still shows as “non soldée”.
I’m hoping there is still time for it to show up. If they have fewer staff working due to Covid it could be that it is just taking longer to process. I got a proof of posting from the PO when I sent it. If I have to pay it again I’ll do so online as I see there’s provision for that. When we bought our house, the estate agent advised us to pay by cheque as that was simplest, but I much prefer online and pay everything else that way.
Thanks for your help with this, Angela. I really appreciate it.

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I gradually moved over to on-line as well. As you say, simpler and more reliable :smiley:

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