Cheques? what's that all about?

help please…

i’m 3 again and don’t know how to write a cheque… and i can’t avoid it today…


“Payez contre ce cheque”… that’s who it’s payable to yes?

then there’s a line with “A” what’s that all about?

then fill in the euro box, i can manage that but with a comma not a dot so £1,090.99 would be e1.099,99 yes?

then it says “fait a” (stumped now)

then “le” is that the date?

then my signature

please help me become an adult again!

Hi Teresa

I was going to say that’s a lot of food shopping for mille euros! I still write Centimes but I think it’s supposed to be cents now so you were right anyway :slight_smile:


merci! i did it - i am in fact a superhero - AND i managed to write mille quarante-deux euros et 00 cents (though i know now I should have written centimes!)
however, Intermarche seemed pretty impressed - and i have now hired a van for our move next week… tis little steps that make you happy!

Teresa make sure you pull out your cheque book at the supermarket when the queue is 9 deep, I assure you the time it takes you to fill out the cheque is nothing compared to the old dears I’ve been stuck behind! It will make you fit in better :slight_smile:

Hi Teresa - yes, French cheques do take a bit of getting used to.

“Payez contre etc…” is the amount in words.

“A” is the person you are paying

You are right about the amount in figures - dots where we would put commas and vice versa.

The “A” at the bottom right hand side is where you are, i.e. Montgey

"Le" is the date

Hope this helps.


Sorry - just seen you have a reply already.

Teresa, you,re welcome. I,m sure little by little everything will fall into place for you both, just don,t ever panic lol
Oh, Kilkenny and hurling…now that brings back memories. Funny, coz these Kilkenny people seem to pop up everywhere, I met a man from Kilkenny at a Vide Grenier a couple of weeks ago.
Oh, don,t forget to let your French neighbours know hubby is Irish, the French love Irish people lol.
Good luck with everything.

jane, you’re an angel! i’ve now been promoted to the official cheque writer in the household. thanks also for the link - and for the gas info to…
the husband’s from leixlip co kildare, i met him while working near navan (!) alongside a lovely girl from kilkenny who introduced me to the sport of hurling! great fun… especially as the cats were victorious


Payez contre ce cheque…the amount in writing
Line A…name of person made out to
Fait a…name of village you are in when writing the cheque
Signature…your sig
BOX…amount in figures and yes comma in place of dot

Good luck, Janey…Oh, no dot after the 1…ie:1099,99