Chibby's Diner in Paris

Chibby’s Diner

Dan and I were looking for a good TexMex in Paris. While googling, Dan found Chibby’s Diner. They do have a fajita dish. That’s all. Just one. Oh and some chili dishes. But their specialty is American burgers. All sorts. Double deckers. Mushrooms. Fried onions. Your cholesterol will go up just looking at their site. This is American comfort food for expats.

The ambiance is retro diner with black and white photos of New York and movie stars. They have a colorful bar area with a bright old radio. The room is small and while we were there only four places were empty. People were waiting outside to get in. It is a young career crowd type of joint.

Dan and I ordered the formule at 20.10. A burger, coleslaw, fries, drink and dessert. The burger was generous. We ordered the “three in one” with fried onions, mushrooms and bacon. The fries were hot and fresh, cut into a canoe shape. The coleslaw was tasty. I am pretty fussy about coleslaw because I make the best. There just wasn’t enough of it.

We ordered cherry and vanilla cokes and were pleasantly surprised to find the cherry and vanilla syrup in our glasses and not some can of prefab cherry and vanilla thing. It was delicious.

The dessert was a hot fudge brownie sundae that totally blew my diet, but what the heck! They make their own brownies and cheesecake.

The menu has lots of American yummies to choose from. They had several salads to offer as well.

It is father/ son run restaurant. Léo and Sienath are reserved and happy to serve their customers. They said they opened 3 years ago and have had good success, so it seems to me.

The food was deelish, the ambiance relaxed and friendly. I recommend highly for a fun lunch or dinner.

9 Rue Jaucourt, 75012 PARIS - Tél. 01 44 73 98 18 - Fax : 01 44 73 98 18 - Mobile : 06 87 31 41 45

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Brilliant Shelby - thanks!

Now this is what I call useful; I will deffo be checking out this palce.