Child seat in the car.

Soon I will need to purchase a car child seat.
Anything you can suggest from personal experience, what are the most comfortable, strong and reliable? What should I pay attention to when choosing car seats for a child?

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There a very good guide to choosing a car seat on the HonestJohn website:

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This French Gov link is interesting and seems to cover all the ages from zero … just scroll down until you arrive at the appropriate age…

Anything you do buy must conform to the appriate Regulations/Normes which are also listed on the link… so it’s worth reading the whole thing before actually buying…

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I am seeing plenty of children seats at the local vide greniers!
Prior to any purchase read the consumer reports about the children seats and make sure you know what you are looking for, then you might check the vide greniers and you might find a bargain.

I wouldn’t buy one there, you have no idea what may have happened to it.


I must admit that was my first thought. I’m not sure what actually could have happened to one that would make it unsafe in any way, but the unknowns would make me worry a little.

Something as basic as being dropped or wrenched which could make it fail to do its job in the event of a crash or even just an emergency stop.


Its a bit like buying a second hand crash helmet. Don’t, ever!!!


Can you tell this isn’t my area of expertise? :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

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Hello everyone again!
I read the materials listed above, went to the store, looked at these two options.
Thanks a lot for the tips :slight_smile:

Britax Car Seat
Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat

Check the weight of the seat, they soon get damn heavy with the baby in there as well! I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the first in I had, but is the really popular one and could clip to my puschair frame. We then got a Graco which he is still using at 7.