Childcare & Family Allowance

Need a crèche or a garderie?

Family allowances (CAF - Caisse nationale des Allocations Familiales)

Get the official guide in English to French family allowances

Get a detailed booklet, also in English, on the entire French Social Protection System including not only the health service but also retirement, unemployment and family support. (Need link)

United Kingdon Govt. Immunisation Schedule

French Govt. Immunisation Schedule

@suz kindly produced this chart from her French Carnet de Santé and UK Red Book. She says the vaccines have different combinations - UK gives Men C as part of 3m, 4m and 12m routine vaccines whereas in France it was given at 2 years (Meningitec). She was given both BCG and Hep B routinely as she travels and the incidence in the UK, particularly London, is rising. MMR timing is different too as well as boosters.

You can get the vaccination here:

Centre de Protection Maternelle et Infantile (PMI)

For vaccinations and other care for babies. If you take the vaccines to the PMI they will do them for free. You can have all your consultations there for free as well and they are really helpful as they only deal with children under 7 years old. Much better than taking up the doctor’s time, especially if your doctor is not particularly child friendly.

To find your nearest PMI, Google pmi + your department and follow the link to the “Service Public” page which will give you the full list for that department. Alternatively got to and search (box on the left of the page) for your department and scroll through the results.

Information on dealing with child obesity in France

Help with managing dyslexia in France

Advice on registering a birth in France, getting a child’s passport, the right to French nationality:

Register a birth

British Consulate Bordeaux

The French side:

Register a birth

Right to French nationality


Overseas British passport applications

British passport eligibility