Chimney / fire help

Sorry if this is too basic a question for this forum.

Along with my brothers, we have inherited a house in Brittany.

The house has an open fire / chimney but the chimney isn't lined. The previous owners did have a wood burning stove in there about 10 years ago.

Any idea on how much it would cost to get a chimney lined / what size job this is?

and how would this compare in costs / time to fit a woodburning stove?

At the moment the cottage doesn't get used very often but this is obviously affecting whether we can stay there in the Winter (plus Spring / Autumn). We won't be planning on living there but would like to be able to stay there / allow friends and family to stay on an informal basis.

Thanks for any help / advice / links you can give.


Well we finally managed to get a quote for this (a year later!!!) - 1294 Euro for lining or 2258 Euros to also have a woodburner.

Now I need to find out how soon the guy can do it and try and time that with other visits etc.

Becky speak to Trudi at TK Sarl Construction she is a font of all knowledge i am down in the Tarn she has helped no end in getting spare parts for my woodburner o297747348

Hi Becky,

We are in Finistere and have just put in a wood burning stove ourselves and had to have the chimney lined first. We managed, with great difficulty, to find a guy to do this. The cost was €1600 but that included an initial visit to give a devis, a visit to confirm measurements the day before fitting and then a whole day fitting it and connecting the stove. It also included a piece of slate to stand it on and he shaped the front edge of the slate to copy the exact shape of the front of the stove-very smart. Lovely chap and could give you his details if he is close enough to be of any help to you. We lit it for the first time last night and it is great!

I dont think we could have done this ourselves as it turned out the chimney went off at a very strange angle and it took him a lot longer than I think he thought it would. We are in a 3 storey house so maybe a smaller cottage would be a lot less.


Thanks Keith.

Presumably that cost is just for lining.

Is there a special type of builder who does this work or can it be done by anyone with good DIY skills?