Chimney Sweep Urgent?

Does anybody know of a chimney sweep in the Mortagne sur Gironde area? We seem to have tar dripping out of the bottom of our woodburner. Wondering if the flue could be blocked as it has been difficult to light and smoky for about a week now. It was only swept in October just before we bought the house.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the replies.

A french builder working next door had a look at it today. He wasn't impressed!

Told us to contact a professional, which we have now done so are waiting for them to come and give us a quote.

We won't be using it in the meantime. Probably caused by a flue that is too short and a bend that is too sharp going through the outside wall.


It's a very good point Sally. If the chimney is un lined then the smoke and creosotes can cool as the space is much larger than the liner and deposit much easier on the walls of a chimney because they do not rise so much in cool air. Of course getting a decent wood burner that combusts better and also making sure the wood is dry enough with a cheap moisture meter are also important parts of the equation.

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Hi there…just joined this site, it was your point that got me interested…before we bought where we are we almost put an offer in on a place in MSG, really pretty place! Secondly we have had our lives transformed after several winters of tar dripping!! Yuk… Eventually, we took over all the liner and kit, bought on Ebay in UK (for woodburner)then asked at local Marie for ramoneur who might speak bit of english…they found one, it was fitted in a jiffy and no more gunge. They were so helpful. Sorry that might not be much help to you or be way too late but just wanted to share! Hope you have it sorted.

Just make sure it's not the same person who said it was done in October as it clearly wasn't done well.

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