Chimney sweeps, fitting pellet burners

I am currently selling my property in Saint Mathieu 87440 and am desperately seeking a chimney sweep who can fit a new pellet burner , may i ask you wonderful people if your may of one, who also speaks some English as my French is rather petit.
Many Thankx
Sammy T

I wouldn’t have thought that’s a sweep’s job. The installation and maintenance of our wood burner has been carried out by the company we bought it from. Our sweep just does that and gives us out annual cert.

Do you have the name of the company that installed it, or is there an agent for the brand near you?


Are you wanting to replace an existing pellet burner?

Do you really need to fit a new pellet burner in order to sell the property? Maybe it would be better to leave the coice of a new pellet burner to the buyer.

In any event, a chimney sweep is unlikely to be whom you need. I think we’d all be grateful for a little more info in order to offer the best advice…

If you want a chimney sweep… simply look for Ramonage Cheminée… there are several in your area. check Google, or Pages Jaunes

Also ask the local Plombiers regarding chimney sweeping as many do it also. As for fitting any new appliance that has flames, you should only get it installed by the insured and proper suppliers, not a sweep. You need their guarantee for your house insurance plus instruction on how to use it properly.

Doubtful that a sweep would do that, unless they have multiple insurance cover for the various activities involved (fitting, maintenance, sweeping). Most sweeps only do the one job, that keeps them busy enough !


Thank you to everyone who responded to my pleas.
I have found a chimney sweep who fits pellets burners although I am still having trouble trying to pin him down, as I have discovered they are a precious commodity in France and are extremely busy !!
I brought mine pellet burner from Brico marche , 2 years ago but never had it fitted as i was not in the country long enough due to work commitments and it did not occur to me that they may offer a fitting
If anyone can recommend a fitter near saint Mathieu / Cussac / Rochechourt 87400 I would be immensely grateful.

Surely they are your first port of call? If they don’t do it themselves they will know fitters.

When I was thinking about getting a pellet burner a few people recommended :point_down:. I changed my mind about getting one so have no idea about prices etc. but am told they are fully qualified.

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Thank you so much, for your recommendation