Choosing a Mutuelle

As there are always posts about health care and health insurance this might provide some of you with some bedtime reading :slight_smile:

Mutuelle.pdf (1.9 MB)


Nice and clear @cat - should be very helpful for the confused :smiley:

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Yes, a nice explanation.

(And please take this the right way, but forfait journalier is now 20€ not 18€ and FPN needs to encourage their proof reader to do better…there is a typo in the middle of the article)

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Where’s the typo?

1st page, 3rd column, 11 lines from bottom…

Thanks !

breathes sigh of relief as not my fault

But yes, not cool.

LA sécu :wink:

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Speaking of typos… A priest, an imam and a rabbit walk into a blood donation centre. The nurse asks the rabbit what blood group he is, He says “I think I’m a typo”. Boom, boom. :fox_face:


That’ll be me then Angela, as you know to your cost in time explaining!

Perfectly clear and understandable. Still scary, tho’.

“Only 5% of French people do not have top-up cover” What proportion of that 5% falls outside of provision by virtue of employment, social benefits [unemployment/ sickness benefits/maternity/ ‘disablement’ benefits etc] and are not covered because of choice or lack of means?

Do French pensioners have to pay the same as everyone else to cover any ‘shortfall’?

Fabian will be able to explain how the rates are calculated but I would imagine that the 5% without additional cover are probably youngsters who won’t need it! Being a pensioner or otherwise is irrelevant as far as I know. However, if you are without much in the way of income, for whatever reason, you don’t pay at all. Unfortunately, for those of us foreigners who are on a 5 year carte de sejour, being without income means we can’t stay…
I have heard a number of French people complaining that poor people got their knee replacements etc done for free whereas they had to pay - usually by having a mutuelle. Sounds a familiar complaint doesn’t it? I remember hearing people like my mother saying that young women got themselves pregnant in order to get a council flat… :roll_eyes:


Thank you for sharing this link. I have been quite fortunate with health but when the proverbial happens it’s a mind boggling task trying to make sense of it all.

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But if you are in low income you are eligible for the complémentaire santé - which is effectively a free mutuelle, or 8 x 25€ month for those on the borderline. Then salaried people are covered by their employer. And rich people can buy what they like. And some will have simple hospital only policies.

So that doesn’t leave that much of the population without any cover at all… But I’m still surprised it’s as low as 5%.

@AngelaR “Unfortunately, for those of us foreigners who are on a 5 year carte de sejour, being without income means we can’t stay…”. The income level needed for a CdS is a couple of thousand below the income level to get free’ish health care. So those pensioners who are living on just UK state pension should be ok.

@AngelaR since fabien doesn’t necessarily monitor these topics, if you wish him to comment, it might be best to tag him in your post here

Based upon the above, my interpretation is that S1 pensioners who have a low income (below that to qualify for complémentaire santé ) and who have a carte vitale do not need to pay for a mutuelle.
Is my understanding correct??
I should also add that in my case I suffer from an ADL (Affection de Longue Duration).

Yes. I don’ believe they can discriminate against people where another country pays for their health care…but maybe there is something in the small print.

You do have to apply for the complémentaire santé tho’. It’s not just given to people who have low income on their tax return.

I am in the process of seeking a Mutuelle to fit my needs. 75yo/GF76yo, Full Hospital and Accident plus optical. The link at the top of this page ( Mutuelle.pdf (1.9 MB) is still quite relevant plus How does the French health 'mutuelle' work? - P-O Life

Combined income quite a few thou over the maximum so do not believe we would gain there. Have done simulator on ameli website.

Anyone on here any advice?

Would that not count as asking the State for support though and therefore prejudice any future applications for CdS that need to be made?

I do not understand your comment…
My advice would be to ask @fabien to look at things for you…


Certainly my experience of @fabien was excellent and we now have a mutuelle with his agency.