Christmas Alone

I know it's last minute but this idea just occurred to me and I've only been in France for a few days...

It occurs to me that since I'm alone and in France for Christmas I have the unique opportunity to "go anywhere." So, I'm wondering if there is anything I should/must do. I'm in Paris right now but if the trains will take me there I can go anywhere. Any ideas? I thought about going to midnight or Xmas day mass at Notre Dame but that's probably a fools errand now that I think about it.

I don't mean I'm trying to "be with people" because I'm lonely. I simply want to take advantage of the freedom of being alone.

The people here are always helpful and have good ideas so I'm reaching out to pick your brains. Also because I don't really know what goes on during the holidays here. I suspect a lot of things are closed.

I'm just looking for something "romantic" and memorable to do with myself that I can write about in my journal. :) (No naughty comments from the peanut gallery!)

I could cook myself a nice dinner and buy a good bottle of wine but I'm looking for other ideas.

Thanks guys!


Go to the Harry's bar, 5 rue Daunou; The Coupole; The Select (both in Montparnasse). Les 2 Maggots (St Germain) Forget Montmartre (full of cheap tourists).

Have a good time and take a taxi home.

Hi Joseph, make the most of being alone and not to have to think about others, enjoy the space, the peace and the freedom, why? Because you will probably never ever do this again, this is (I hope for you) :-) A one off experience, Christmas where you do as you wish !!!!!!

I like the idea of visiting Paris when it will be quiet and calm, go to see the artists in Montemarte and then take your self for a lovely christmas meal in a beautiful restaurant, order some wine and do the most awfully impolite thing ever!!!! Read a great book :-)

Relax and try to remember that you will probably never do this again :-) Let us all know what you decided in the end, and as Shirley says not too much detail ;-)

Have a great Christmas

Anne Marie xx

One could of course watch the local spectacle of dog in! ;-)

Good suggestion Johnny. I'm not sure I've *ever* been "pampered rotten."

Whatever I do, it will definitely be good...I'm finally in France after all!

You guys are cracking me up.

I also desisted, I could have thought of Korea and written: buy a dog and have a good meal!

Joseph, ignore us, we both have a dogged sense of humour :-D

Brian , Brian! you nearly tempted me into the old "hire a dog & have a good time" thing. Good job I desisted;-))

There's always the compromise on that one: buy a dog and have a good walk ;-)

Haha, ahem, or another single man. ;)

Note I didn't really phrase the question that way. :)~

" what can a single man do by himself in a new country over Christmas?"

Find a single woman? ;-)

A good question, what can a single man do by himself in a new country over Christmas.

I should have been in your shoes but due to several reasons beyond my control I am stuck in a wet and dreary UK.

I have know idea what you could be doing - sorry.