Christmas, alors 'umbug!

We were listening to news over lunch and heard that according to a poll done for the Institut national d'études démographiques (INED), 53% of a sample French citizens have said that their Christmas budget will be very much reduced and others said that in their case it would be even more drastic. Looking for details elsewhere I have patched together the fact higher prices and increased taxes have considerably reduced the disposable income people have to spend. If this trend continues, one might ask, what will be the point of the austerity measures if all they really do is act as a disincentive for the population?

Sounds like the chasseurs will be out trying to shoot Santa's reindeer for a cheap Christmas dinner this year!

we have the last 4 years Christmas trees stored in our garage - free if anyone wants one...a bit dusty & not so green but humbuggers won't mind that I'm sure :)




Sorry for the delayed reply but been crawling round the freezer on all fours. Definately reindeer. Got too cold to try and find Santa. Might just nab him this year though if the vin rouge dont kick in too early!

Santa or reindeer? ;-)

Got some in the freezer I think Brian, from last years chasse