Christmas Boxes / Calendars?

No sign of postman / dustmen / firemen with calendars this year. Normally they would have visited by now.
Is this another fallout from COVID?
If so, and if you give a Christmas box, how are you doing it?

The local firemen had a stall on the local market, to sell their calanders. They aren’t "allowed " to go door to door apparently.

I asked our postie last week, he has them so I donated for a couple of calendars (he is always extremely helpful and its quite a trek up the valley so worth every cent). Think you probably need to ask this year.

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We usually put a card with an amount, 10 euros, in an envelope in our post box, together with a few kind words .
I will ask our Mayor what we are doing about supporting the pompiers?

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Our pompiers called in mid-November!

Hope they’re as quick off the mark if we ever need them…

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We won’t be at home this Christmas so we left a envelop in our post box for our Facteur (a lovely man) which he picked up and 20 quid with the neighbours for the pompiers. We don’t have dustmen :slightly_frowning_face:

Our pompiers are apparently coming round at the end of the week when restrictions lifted. Or we can get a calendar at the fire station.

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Our pompiers left calendars in our letter boxes along with self-addressed envelopes to send in a donation. Or we can just pop the envelope into the mailbox at the fire station.

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Our pompiers came as usual (in August!) and had a chat in the lobby while I wrote the cheque. Same as the postlady (a bit more seasonal-she came a couple of weeks ago) with whom I had a nice chat on the doorstep while I chose my calendar. Actually not different in any way from other years!

Strange - I wonder why it’s so different here?

Envelope with donation still sitting here :woman_shrugging:
If they don’t call this weekend I will give it to postie :crossed_fingers:

Interestingly, I sellotaped an envelope to the top of our waste bin - still there. Like you Lily, I will have to track them down next Monday. I’ll be out hunting for our postwoman tomorrow.

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Many highs and lows over the last few months, but the pompes has to be the least stressful :relieved:

Usually do a card + 10€ for La Poste. I notice that the Vets and the Pharmacie both have boxes out for the staff. 10€?

They knocked last night…so 2021 calendar now in box to go to charity shop next week.

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Our pharmacy does the opposite… they give their customers presents… and certainly don’t expect anything in exchange… since I queried this many years ago… “giving is for our own pleasure”… so I was told.

Yesterday, I left with prescriptions and a nice smelling bar of soap…

Indeed- we all got a smart shopping bag to put our medicaments in! And they are a lovely pharmacy; sorting out any problems with my prescription by phone with the doctor. (In contrast with another pharmacy in the town who pushed the 'scrip back at me and said it wasn’t his problem.)

Yep… she started to say… sac… then saw I was using one given previously… and went onto the little list :wink:

As you say, so helpful. Our Doc had faxed through the paperwork and our medics came out already packed and no need for the CV I tried to give her … already done she told me… phew…

must say… there are 3 in this little nearby town and they are all tops… in the other little town, there is only 1 but, there too… they are so nice. Perhaps it is because we are country-folk… and everyone knows everyone else…

I shall probably post a cheque into the local fire station, and leave a card with a donation for calendars in my postbox. I’m told that if you leave a peg on the flap of your postbox the postman knows there’s something for him to collect in there. Worth a try I think!

This is the first year that we’ve had our bins and recycling collected, can someone tell me is it normal to leave a little something for them and if so what?

We do. Since a good service from them is vital. We give 20€.