Christmas Countdown

20 days to go (19 really)… so how are your preparations coming along…???

The cantoniers strung lights here and there up the street…on Monday… looked very pretty until this evening, when I realized that it was dark… dark and no lights… :thinking:

Yep… something had tripped them… so OH went with his trusty “magic key” and flicked the switch back up… so far… so good… :wink:

The house decs will have to wait until the weekend… daughter can’t believe I am so behindhand… she thinks being retired means we have nothing to do !!

What are your plans ??? Do you do outdoor decs or just go mad in private… ??

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What’s all this 19 days all about? Surely Christmas is sometime towards the end of the month and it only takes a couple of days to sort a few things out.

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:wink::wink: It’s the 5th today David… 24th is Christmas Eve… when most French families have a big celebration = 19 days to go… :hugs:

The towns are awash with Christmas Markets… it’s ho ho ho time…
Had our first “christmas dinner” last weekend… yummy…

No Christmas prep. for us this year-off to Cyprus for the festive period where our daughter and her husband ( both RAF) are stationed. 10 days there bookended by a week either end with our other daughter in the UK.


This Saturday we are off to the Christmas Market in St Emilion.


Decorating the house, apart from putting up the Christmas card holders is very much a couple of days before.
I decorate either side of the front door as well.
We had our oldies lunch last Saturday and the entertainment was a young magician from our village.
The young children from the school joined us as well.
He was very good.
It is our Dames de Lundi Christmas lunch on Monday and I am taking green beans with a tomato concasse and a fennel gratin.
I am also making a Christmas ice cream, chestnut, orange and walnut and my favourite chocolate and salted caramel tart.
Christmas Eve is always fish pie.
Christmas Day will be home made canapes, smoked salmon pate and melba toast, guinea fowl with vin jaune and morels, cheese and our Dutch friends are bringing dessert, so a surprise.
I am sending a special box to our grandchildren so will be posted on Friday.
I had the idea because I found a mug with ’ You Make Me Happy’ on it and we are sending things that the children will love and our daughter will not approve of.

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We’re having our Christmas meal at a local restaurant … then home and a log fire and Netflix. Meanwhile I’m staring at a bunch of Xmas cards and wondering: “do I really need to write and send these?” I could put a message on Facebook saying ‘no cards, but the money is being sent to charity instead’ and I’m sure my online friends would understand. But elderly relatives expect the card so I shall do my duty. We also don’t ‘do’ presents for each other (I’ve realised that I’m at the age when I pretty much have everything I want, and that ‘everything’ is pretty small as my desires for material goods wane) so instead make a donation to the Salvation Army and a local animal sanctuary around here. Reading what I’ve just written, I realise it sounds a bit ‘bah humbug’ but really, I just can’t get enthused about Christmas although I guess if you have children and close family that stokes up the enthusiasm more.


We always do a Christmas charity donation.
I think this year it will be St Martin’s in the Fields again.
I listen to a lot of Radio 4.

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The village is becoming colourful… to the delight of the kids on their way to and from school… and their voices, lustily singing Petit Papa Noël etc , echo from the playground… whether they will remember all the words at the school concert… mmm… have to wait and see…

Our S de F is fully booked for Christmas markets and stuff…

The crèche, inside the church… .is not yet ready… should be in place by the weekend… if not… heads may roll…:thinking: as visitors look for it and expect it !!:laughing:

All the decorations stay in place… until after the Old Folks’ Meal…halfway through January… twelfth night comes and goes… but the decs stay up regardless…:grinning:

Had a fun afternoon yesterday as invited neighbours over for a Christmas wreath making session. No way as beautiful as Meghan Robbe’s, but we’re happy with our results. OH was kept busy too, popping in and out to collect more sapin, more holly, more ivy, and our willow tree is now pruned for the winter.

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That is an excellent idea to use the supple willow branches for making wreaths.
Thank you.

Take care Mat, due to the ongoing protests and this weekend being a call for more people on the streets you may find difficulties !

I am hoping as it is only about 10 minutes away we should be fine.

Getting to/from Bordeaux Airport may be another issue however.

Maybe try and check what action is planned around the airport ?
Good luck ! :thinking:

@anon89172871 Is there a website for checking what is proposed?

Hi Matt
There is a group calling themselves Yellow Friday Revolution 33, it appears that they are planning on action this weekend but for the moment I can’t find what’s planned. I will keep digging and if I get any information then I will let you know

There is also FB Gilet Jaune, no real info there.

Have you tried contacting the airport to find out if they know of anything being planned ?

I have watched both TF1 and TF2 this lunchtime and the concensus of opinion is it’s going to be bad ! :roll_eyes:

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Thanks Ann

I am just looking forward to being on holiday on the evening of the 21st🌲

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I am working this afternoon and next Thursday afternoon on our local hospice 'Light Up A Life ’ stall in the town shopping centre.People can make a donation and write a message on a candle or angel that is hung on a Christmas tree , We also sell calendars, cards and diaries

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Well done Nellie…

I supported and volunteered at our local Hospice in UK…for many years… great fun and a great cause…