Christmas gift shopping - mail order to UK

(Yvonne Churcher) #1

Please Can anyone reccommend suitable mail order sites so that I can do my Christmas shopping and have goods delivered to the UK?

(Yvonne Churcher) #2

Thank-you to everyone for your replies. I have now done my shopping but this thread might be useful to others who are still looking.

(Yvonne Churcher) #3

Thank-you Sarah

(Sarah Hague) #4

Hello Yvonne

I used last year. It had some wacky ideas for pressies.


(Claire OWEN) #5

If you are shopping online I would recommend ordering on amazon Uk for books DVD’s Cd’s electronics and some household goods. They deliver free for most things and will gift wrap also. It depends which items you wish to buy.

(Yvonne Churcher) #6

Thank-you very much Suzanne

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #7

Hi Yvonne, have a look on all these sites deliver to the UK as well as internationally. We’ve written reviews for each store so you can share our experience & we help guide you through the delivery process.

We only include stores which are reputable and many are well known high street brands that our customers love.

It can be worrying in the lead up to Christmas as there are lots of scary stories of people acting as ‘intermediaries’ for deliveries and then running off with your money or goods! We don’t do this! We simply share our experiences online & when you buy via our site you are dealing directly with the UK store not with us so your bank details & delivery address & order details remain totally confidential between you and the UK store.

I hope this helps

UK Stores Delivering Overseas (& to the UK too!)