Christmas Markets in Poitou-Charentes

Hi everyone, Kwashie the "Admin" here :-)!

We all love a great xmas market, the vin chaud and all the rest of it.... and some are worth going some distance for. Just for fun, could you kindly let us know when your local (or not so local) or not so local market is taking place:

- Dates

- Times

- Specialities

- Not to be missed

and any other information that will help your fellow IoPC'ers make the most of this festive time.

Many thanks, KK

Hello, for 2013, we have a good one (about 50 stalls) in Chauvigny, which coincides, on the sunday, with the Brocante as well, or on a saturday morning, with the much bigger regular weekly market. will try and addd ates nearer to december!

Hi Phil, thanks for charing that - Amiens is the largest city in that area so its good to know there is something there that people can plan into a journey to and from the UK. Civray seems popular with the Brits...perhaps you could do a little piece on what the attraction is for day trippers and house hunters? Many thanks. KK

Hi Kwashie,

Better late than never, this reply can sit in the archive until next year! We went to the Christmas market at Amiens, which is quite a large one and includes lots of handmade wooden toys, arts and crafts, and obviously lots of locally produced food. If you stay around until the evening there's also a light show at the cathedral.

The 'Parfums d'Hiver' market includes around 130 stalls, and is quoted to be the largest Christmas market in France. I can't confirm that claim, but it certainly is big, and worth the trip if you're either in the North-East, or like me in the UK during winter as it's only a short run from Calais. It runs form the end of November to the end of December.