Christmas shopping in Spain?

Hello Languedoc-Roussillon people,

Are any of you planning to go Christmas shopping, or simply fancy an opportunity to buy all your 'seasonal spirits' at half the price in Spain?

I would be happy to pay all fuel and motorway costs in exchange for a lift to Barcelona Airport on Saturday, 17th December.

There will be me and two of my daughters with a bag each (Ryanair!)

PM me or post a reply here please.

Thank you,


Vivien, might be able to help, am planning on picking my Mum up from BCN airport Sunday 18th and my wife, son and I were thinking of making a w/e of it in Barcelona, leaving Saturday am. Problem is if we do that we'd only have room for 2 plus bags. Could be a solution if you manage to get a semi lift from someone else, or possibly one of could go by train on own without bags depending on ages etc. What time is your flight? If we do go, we'd be leaving early ish morning from Beziers - not too early because I will get back from a business trip late Friday night. No need to pay any of the expenses, company pays for deisel and we'd be paying peage anyway! Feel free to call me on 06 09 58 90 45. All the best, Alan